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Kansas City Opportunities:

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To get first access to all lending opportunities in text “money” to 314-665-1767.

To get first access to our lending opportunities in Kansas City text “moneykc” to 314-665-1767.


“One of the first things I looked into to get away from Wall Street were the many Crowdfunding sites out there but I just was not into paying another middleman to give me a false sense of security and take a chunk of the profits from the operator and me the investor. Text the word “money” to 314-665-1767. These lending opportunities are exclusive to Hui Deal Pipeline Club members to power operators I trust and will put my brand on the line with.”

“My $40K loss in my first Limited Partner role back in 2013 taught me to not work with just any guy you don’t know, like, or trust. Problem is for most investors they just don’t have many options and they jump into a deal out of scarcity. Introducing Simple Passive Lending for access to 1st lien short-term lending opportunities backed with a secure note to a property. For more info, text the word “money” to 314-665-1767.”

“The Hui Deal Pipeline Club is a free investor club where we work together to crowdsource deals and do due-diligence together. Most members in our group graduate to Passive Investors but some investors who I have built a relationship over the past years have graduated to active operator status. To back our own members in something they have found their true calling in I am rolling out Simple Passive Lending to learn more text the word “money” to 314-665-1767.”

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