Live Coaching Call w/ Non-Accredited Investor Ep. 155

Jason Ricks discusses his options as being and investor after having some experience as an investor of small residential units and now transitioning to syndications.

His day job is in commercial shopping centers which brings a unique perspective to the conversation.

From all in 401(k)index investor starting out to single family purchase while simultaneously receiving AMLI equity share position.

Failed attempt of Single/Duplex investing.

Lane shares his rule: After over 1000 strategy calls with investors and coaching clients over the past couple years here is what I tell W2 employees… For those who are able to save more than $30k a year or have substantial liquidity (over 200k), being a landlord and especially flipping is a lot of work. If you like it cool/good for you… but just remember why we got into this… To be free from a JOB. A lot of us (80%) who stumble upon and start drinking Kool-Aide will be financially free in 4-7 years pending taking action. So I always urge people to start with the end in mind and take a more passive approach.

Do the math here… you with 300 dollars per property (2 months of work to buy a turnkey rental) you are going to need 20-40 of these to replace your income. I have 10 of these and have systems in place but have 1-2 evictions a year and 3-4 big things that happen. Image if I had 30, just 3 x those numbers.

Directly investing in a turnkey rental or small MFH is a good way to start to learn and build up the war chest to go into my scaleable investments such as private placement syndications. Whatever you do, try to be as close to the investment as possible. This is the fundamental problem I have with Wall Street who takes too much fees off the hard-working efforts of the middle class.

Due Diligence process, PPM, and why I decided to invest in the deal.

Focus on buying retail properties, and using my retail CRE knowledge moving forward.