Hunter Thompson from Cashflow Connections (Ep 164)

Hunter is a full-time real estate investor and founder of Cash Flow Connections, a private equity firm based out of Los Angeles, CA. Since starting CFC, Hunter has helped more than 200 investors allocate capital to over 100 properties, which have a combined asset value of more than $350,000,000. In connection with these investments, he has worked with some of the most experienced and well-respected asset teams across the United States and Canada.

 1) How much simple passive Cashflow are you making today and how are you doing it?

(You don’t need to give a number if you would like privacy. You can be vague such as halfway to quitting my job, cover my mortgage, Make 25% of my expenses, over $10k, although people like when people open up the kimono.)

I am a full-time passive investor since I am a syndicator and the owner of a PE firm that focuses on passive investments. My goal is to have my passive income be 5x my monthly expenses by 35. I would be happy to go into how that can be achieved. Of course, that is not truly “passive” but I think your listeners will find it interesting.


2) What is your Han Solo moment – Han Solo and his buddy Chewbacca from Star Wars were cruising around the galaxy as lowlife smugglers but then cross paths with Luke and Leia and his life took a pivot point. Describe the resistance that was the catalyst for change.

For me the European debt crises was my last straw moment. Unlike most investors, I was really excited about the opportunity which was presented in 2008, but later realized that stocks are just not a good investment vehicle for predictability and cash flow.


Did you “burn the boats” or did you let it happen naturally – was there an internal (you decided to make a change on own – what was thought process?) or external trigger (ie got fired from your job)?

I have had many moments like this through my career. 1) I realized that I couldn’t invest in stocks. 2) Raising capital wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. 3) I didn’t have any employable skills. 4) I had to make CFC work as it is truly my only option. 


3) Worst life/business moment what did you do after? Lesson learned?

Working at a Google ads sales job. I had no place in corporate America.


4) Current 2-week experiment and 6-month project? (90-180 day goal) A mark of a high performer is to put your ego aside and accept the help of others and mastermind maybe folks can help you by you asking.

I am trying CrossFit workouts. I am really trying to increase my productivity. Meditation. I’m putting on my first conference and working with my fiance’ for the first time. 


5) What is your simple passive Cashflow number? Now imagine you had 2x that amount… Describe your ideal day, detailed routine, and what projects you are working on.

This sounds like an infomercial, but my ideal/perfect day is almost exactly like today, but I wish their was even more time in my unique ability, there were more zeros, and I had more opportunities to build more relationships with investors.


6) Something that you have recently or thought about “burning your cash” on for time savings or an improvement in quality of life.

I am considering hiring a Marketing Manager.


7) Something that you changed your mind on? Our ego often gets in the way of greatness.

Focusing on a mentorship program. I created it and don’t know what to do with it.

8) In this sellers market… what are you investing in? What should a someone who does not have a substantial level of cashflow yet be investing in?

MHPs and self-storage. 

8) Tony Robbins identifies two large concepts that we are continually struggling to gain perfection at: #1-Art of Fulfillment and #2-Science of Achievement. If you died tomorrow and I were to email this to your kids a couple decades later… this is what they would hear.

  1. What is your secret/hack for the “Science of Achievement?” Any secret habits to share? Morning or Nighttime ritual?
  2. What is your secret/hack for the “Art of Fulfillment?” How you do contribute back?

Happy to go into the details of my morning routine, I am still working on the art of fulfillment, I haven’t quite figured that out yet. I typically donate to disaster relief exclusively for reasons we can discuss.

Hunter is also the host of the Cash Flow Connections Real Estate Podcast, which helps investors learn the intricacies of commercial real estate from the comfort of their home, car, or office.