2020 Launch – Guided Goals Webinar

Let’s kick off another year [define endgame] with a 30-minute goals brainstorming session.

***I will assign accountability partners to those who join us and would like to participate.

Want to join us in person Feb 14-17? Check out the details here.



  1. Editable worksheet to follow along link
  2. Download of “Action Board” guide to make you Vision Board 2.0
  3. Download PDF deck


Here are some shallow things that I am shooting for in the next two years…

  1. Assistants to help me so I don’t work 12 hour days 7 days a week. HIRING
  2. A new book DONE
  3. A smaller core of inner circle Hui Mastermind members GETTING THERE
  4. Get to 11% body fat WENT OPPOSITE WAY


SPC followers are typically younger than 30 or older than 35. My observation is that when people have kids, that takes all precedence.







5 things you accomplished this past year?

STOP – Move around… do 10 push up, jumping jacks, squats!


5 more things you accomplished this past year? Reflecting and celebrating the wins this past year


Top 3 things that were impossible?

What did you do to make those three things possible?


Track Record of success:
The Hui Deal Pipeline Club has acquired over $215 Million dollars of real estate acquired by syndicating over $24 Million Dollars of private equity since 2016.
16 Apartments Buildings Purchased, 7 Manufactured Home developments, and an Assisted-Living Facility
3,000+ total units 8 US Markets – AL, GA, OK, LA, IA, TX, MO, MS Started investing in 2009 – 10 years of experience
3,100 investors and 80 new Kool-Aid drinkers every month!

[Health: Get to 155lbs]

[Wealth: Get rid of all turnkeys, do fund]

[Relationships: Create community]

[Personal (skill, hobby, enjoy?): Find something new and fun]


SMART check? Specific – Measurableble – Attainable – Realistic – Timely

On the last day of this year… I will be immensely satisfied when I…

[Get down to 155 lbs before October 2020…]


If it does not scare you bit… Its not high enough.

If you accomplish it what will it give you?

[A level that I can maintain and focus on quality.]


In TEN YEARS… I will be immensely satisfied when I…

[$25k passive a month with still being able to interact with a person a day]


Consider your Eulogy – Eavesdrop letter on your funeral


“We overestimate what we can do in one year and underestimate what we can do in ten years” -Tony Robbins


5 things you did NOT accomplished this year?

[Weight goals
Find a new hobby outlet
Operate in a less frantic mode]


Why not?

1) Disconnect
2) surrogate to accomplish the same why
3) used the wrong strategy
4) lacked knowledge/resources/people
5) you took the easy way
6) crabs in a bucket (peer group)


Creating the plan…


Break down the goal in four chunks:

1) Complete routine of activity 3 days a week
2) Evaluate progress in March 1
3) Possible add 4/5th day of activity
4) Evaluate progress in June 1 and at that point address diet


3 People hack: 1 person above you, at your level, and below you that you mentor


Setup environment/systems

Full Habit article link here

Scheduling in the calendar (not recurring cause it won’t be special)

Daily Habit Board Natural image 0


Four tendencies: upholder, rebel, questioner, obliger




Beware of the Pitfalls

Say No



Negative beliefs

Taking action

  • Revisit this exercise in next week
    • Most of you folks are hard-charging achieving types who listen to my podcast at 2X speed. For once you need to stop that just for this exercise.
    • Set the timer for 20-40 minutes and get into the right State.
    • Getting into this State is critical. Music, a little wine, whatever floats your boat…
    • Get a pen, paper, (or your computer/mobile device) and a quiet space and here we go…
  • Scheduling in the calendar (not recurring cause it won’t be special)
  • Every 2-4 weeks review big goals
  • Would you like an accountability partner? Lane@SimplePassiveCashflow.com
  • Peer group – immersion mastermind & retreat – SimplePassiveCashflow.com/hui3

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-27 modules of content in a closed membership site
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Additions for 2021

Abstainer or Moderator aka “All or Nothing” type of person

Personally I am really bad at eating a small or moderate bit of one thing like popcorn. I buy the large size cause you get a free refill. I know myself so its either feast or famine.

Other things I can moderate quite well like buying doodas. Or this other cool stuff.

How are you? Can you practice moderation? Can you give yourself permission and partake responsibly? Are you practicing 80/20 the Pareto rule.
Or do you go off the freaking rails like a heroin addict!
I am going to give credit to Gretchen Rubin where I first heard of this distinction.

Step one – decide or understand what you are.

Step two – create a strategy to help you stay on track or do that positive habit or stop that bad habit.

Step three – evaluate strategy and constant improvement.






Aloha, welcome to the year 2020.


On today’s edition, you guys are going to be listening in on a recent goals webinar that unless you’re not part of the cuido pipeline club, you don’t get emails like this for invites out to these special virtual meetings that I have from time to time. I’ve been doing this goals meeting for the past few years. And this is the 2020 version of it. If you guys are struggling to find a CPA or if your current one looks at you cross eyed when you tell them you’re trying to save taxes and they see something lame, like invest in your 401k or Roth IRA, you probably need a new CPA and you guys need a referral, shoot me an email glanceable passive cash flow. Let me know what you’re working with. That way I don’t send you to the wrong one. Again, you guys can check this out on the YouTube channel, simple passive cash flows YouTube channel, and we’re taking a little drawing in the YouTube channel where you guys subscribe, and once a quarter we’ll try to pick a winner from there and we’ll give them a prize What’s up simple passive cash flow listeners wanted to announce the first multi day we mastermind in Hawaii will be holding it on my island of Oahu, Honolulu is on President’s Day 2020. And that’s February 14 to the 17th. And a


reminder, Valentine’s Day is the 14th.


But we’ll keep that evening for you. families and couples want to come on down for that we’re actually encouraging spouses and families to come down. Because that’s part of the whole experience. Getting to know other families and getting to know other committee members is gonna be a big part of this. So what to expect structured networking and masterminding with existing CWI investors and other affluent investors. We’re going to create the time in the environment to build real relationships that you can take forward forever For you, a students out there will do even be doing a full day of networking and mastermind and education. So once again, bring your families we’re going to have optional excursions such as a luau, happy hours dinners and some other activities to be able to have fun in the sun. And, you know, space is extremely limited because my vision is to kind of create this as a more intimate environment where we’re all one big little ohana here. So come in and combine business and pleasure in a little tax write off hopefully you can get that right off in before the 2019 ends. Those signing up now we’ll be able to get a free one on one strategy session that if you want to stick around till Tuesday, you can knock that out or if you’re leaving early, we can try and get that done throughout the weekend. But Hope to see you out in Hawaii go to simple passive cash flow calm slash, we re We’ll see you guys here.


Alright, so this is the 2020 launch for goals. If you guys go to simple passive cash flow calm slash 2020 dash launch, you’ll get access to the cheat sheet here on the top are the important links that you want to get your hands on. So the first one is an edible worksheet to follow along link. So what this is, is I’m going to guide you through some questions to go through and this is just make it easier. And I was hoping to create some kind of environment where people will take over what other people are doing and they get some good ideas. And then the other downloadable here is the little cheat sheet for how to creating an action board for yourself. But if you’re a visual person, and it does show that you put up pictures of what you want to achieve, you see it from time to time it just kind of reminded of your goals. I’m not a big fan of the whole law of attraction partly because if the law of attraction True the opposite should be true so if you think of something really bad and and then happened to so you guys can follow along here get the slide deck here so I asked this question in the we Facebook club and a couple other groups that I have online and if you guys aren’t in this group go to simple passive cash flow calm slash club and then join the club there and you guys should get access to the private Facebook group. But the question I asked was either these three things what is getting in your way of achieving your goals because all your failure of not achieving what you want is contributed to attention focus or time or not having enough energy so I kind of pulls it out there and although informal poll and the big ones that came up a lot, I think was time and then second attention and focus energy didn’t seem to be a big thing for me personally, I think after quitting my job I got all the all time in the world. That’s why I didn’t check that box with Alan For me it was just attention and focus. So if it is attention Focus then let’s actually set the attention and focus right now. If not, we’re just doing whatever throughout the whole year. So here’s some things I’m going to ask you guys to get out of your comfort zone a little bit, we’re going to use lies the breakout rooms in this. And we’re going to ask you guys to get a pen and paper out or your mobile device and write some notes down. And just to kick things off here some things that I kind of get done in 2018, I was trying to get some assistance. So I have to work 12 hour days, seven days a week, and currently that’s in progress right now try to get a new book done. And that was done. Try to get a smaller core inner circle who he mastermind members in getting there and trying to get to 11% body fat, but that went the opposite way. So yeah, acknowledge that failure right there. And if you’re not hitting your goals, you need to do something else. Like sometimes what I’ll do is I’ll have a project that not getting done for like two or three weeks, like recording all these videos that’s going in the E course is really hard, and I don’t Get it done. I’m going to wake up super early one morning sort of a penalty to myself. So that’s just another example for the physical fitness one. If I’m not losing the weight or I’m not on the track, I’m going to add another day of going to the gym. I was always frustrated by the numerous investing education programs out there who gouge their investors charging them 5000 10,025 and $40,000. I don’t know about you, but I thought it was completely wrong when they trick people actually had them call their credit card providers to get a credit line increase to pay for the program. Many of these people could not afford these expensive coaching options and should have used it as a down payment for the first investment. If someone only had 20 grand they should use that to buy a rental to get started. Let me make one thing clear our mastermind is not for you if you’re broke, it’s a cost effective way to mitigate mistakes when building your portfolio. People in this group are going to be a pre selected population of professionals and high net worth individuals. You’ll be a good company. That is after Apply and get in at simple passive cash flow calm backslash journey and yeah if you’re lonely in Chicago to find motivated friends who want to do more than sit at their w two jobs collecting and paycheck and go home and watching Netflix all day because all they can afford is 899 a month on their digital entertainment budget then this is a place for you to simple passive cash flow calm backslash journey to learn more.


So at this point, I want you guys to write down five things you accomplished this past year. So if you’re just sitting there not doing anything you need to get a pen and paper out and play full out and just this is not going to take very long just probably gonna roll probably rush to this and about 2030 minutes and if you guys are watching this on the replay, you guys can you know skip forward to the pauses but we are going to roll through this quickly so you guys can get off on your merry way. But if we’re doing this for real, I probably leave a lot more time for you guys to write out your thoughts. So stop where you’re at and move around to some jumping jacks, some squats and push ups. And if you’re not doing anything, maybe you should consider what’s your what’s going on. I mean, are you too cool for school or what you get everything done last year? Well, if not, you better get down and give me 10 is need to get yourself moving. And the whole point of this is to get yourself in a better state because we’re going to kind of create the intentions for the year mazels do it from a place of London and in a good mood. So if you’re not a moving around person, and you’re in mobile will think of something that you made you laugh or made you smile, or just freaking smile, fake smile, if you can, that works, too. And I’ll preface like the next 2030 minutes of saying like some of what I’ll be presenting may seem like you already know this. So we’ll see a little bit out there. I won’t ask you guys to jump around. Again, we’re done with that and some will seem totally off the wall. And that’s where I’m going to challenge you to get really curious. I’m going to end this goal setting activity with a bunch of tips that hopefully you haven’t seen before, but if you have Take a chance, take it as an opportunity to reevaluate some new strategies around. So again, go back to the five things that you accomplished this past year and write some more and reflecting on what they were and celebrating the wins for this past year, because it’s not like you didn’t do anything. 365 days, I forgot what that song was in rent, but 5100 edited. If you guys seen that play, you probably sing it in your head, and it probably ruined your evening. But the reason why we’re doing this is at some point in this year, you’re going to lose momentum. For some of you guys, it’ll be tomorrow afternoon. For others, it might be in the first quarter, second quarter, or even in December, but I know for sure you’re not going to be at 100% all the time. So you want to refuse this as a little less of being like, Oh, look at that stuff I did last year. I’ve accomplished a lot and hopefully that gets you out of your rut. So out of those circle or add three things that were impossible from that list. Now what were the three big one and maybe make a side note. What did you do? To make those things possible, was it a strategy? was a system you put in place? Or was it some kind of internal dialogue that you told yourself couple years ago, I kind of had a better vision of what this weedle pipeline club was going to be all about and over like the last few years, quite over almost a quarter billion dollars and brought in $24 million from now over 200 investors in our group, I wouldn’t have believed them. This is a good example of an impossible goal. And what did what did I do to make this possible? And obviously it’s a big goal, a lot of aspects to it, but I think it was just keep working at it every day strategizing, re planning and using that strategy, because if it’s worked for you in the past, it can possibly work for you in the future. It’s just the way you’re wired up to finish that up top three things that you thought were impossible and worth the strategies that it took to happen. So next step here is to do a smart check. SM AR t Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and timely. So an example of this would be on the last day of this year. I will be immensely special. satisfied when I get down 255 pounds before October 2020. Right? It’s specific. It’s measurable. 35 pounds in there. I don’t know if it’s quite attainable if you’re a foreigner pounds realistic, and there’s a timely thing you’re too but I always talk about the four legged stool in terms of your life where one leg is health. The other leg is wealth, relationships and personal stuff like more spiritual stuff. Take the time now and write at least one in each of these categories. Other self help groups, they’ll recommend like the wheels, what they call it, which has not four legs, but like 16 legs, which I think is just really confusing. And yeah, be careful when you make things really confusing. You end up doing nothing. So I like to keep things simple, the simple passive cash flow right so I keep it to these for another metaphor that I’ve heard when I was working at my job was certain things are glass balls, certain things are rubber balls, juggling all these balls and you’re always going to be overwhelmed. Then there’s always gonna be balls in the air, but there’s certain balls be dropped them, they’ll shatter. They won’t just bounce things like relationships, I think you could probably consider that the last ball where things in your business depending on the situation, it could be a little more resilient. So I’m going to quick here because you guys can watch the replay later again and again. So if this goal does not scare you, but it’s not high enough, and if you accomplish it, what will it give you? It’s good to write why you’re doing something because again, when the year goes by, and your motivation dip naturally dips and 30 to 60 days from now, you’re going to want to reaffirm Why the heck you were doing this in the first place. So once you’re done with that next exercise is kind of on that same line of the Y is here’s an exercise that I personally do often I’d say probably you know once or twice a year is in 10 years, I will be immensely satisfied when I and I fill in the blank and it could be $25,000 passive a month with still being able to interact with a person a day was something I had written in In the past, I’ve been kind of changing my expectations on like people have been saying like, I want 100 doors, I want $25,000 passive, I challenge a lot of people in the mastermind where I keep telling them like, that’s just a number, tell us what that will give you what kind of a lifestyle so you get very specific here in 10 years, I would be immensely satisfied when I wake up when I want to, and that is at 943. No one is home, I get to jump in my Maserati and go to not my job, but I’m just going to go to Starbucks to do this stuff. And then I just continue on this sentence, create your lifestyle, and we pick this 10 year timeframe because Tony Robbins says, you know, we overestimate what we can do in one year and underestimate what we can do in 10 years and something I’ve been noticing I have talks with investors quite often I’ll be multiple times a day and a lot of people are new to investing and this this concept of pull versus push were the differences. Why do people call up this random guy on the internet with this podcast? Pretty much pretty They’ll call a lot of financial personal information. And most times it’s something that’s compelled them or push them to do it. And that is some kind of unfortunate incidents that has happened at their day job, for example, like maybe they got passed over by a promotion. Or maybe they maybe they’re going to get fired. They had, you know, got put on probation, or maybe they just had their second kid and they just did the math the other day, and they realized they’re not going to have enough to be able to have the retirement that they want. Or maybe somebody else is driving a nicer car than them and they’re pissed. There’s something that compels people to get out of their normal set tracks. Unfortunately, this only lasts for about I’d say about like three to nine months, typically. And I’ll even see it in a lot of highly motivated people. I check back in on random people that I talked to, I know where they’re at when they give me a call, and I kind of track them. I can do this because I have social media and I can spy on everybody. So my finding is the people that kind of transcend that three to nine months. period are people who find some kind of bigger meaning that holds them to the next level. It’s kind of like getting going from year one to year two to year three to year four. And that mechanism is your Why Why are you doing this? And I outlined that in my book, why do I do simple passive cash flow and stay up to three o’clock in the morning because I feel like there’s a whole bunch of bad financial advice out there that’s just robbing people’s lives and not only retirement and I’ve kind of set out to help people in that facet. So as corny as it sounds, it’s been working. I’ve been at this for about four years and haven’t missed a week yet on the podcast. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to quit little times. And before I quit my day job I was went down to like bi weekly podcasts. So define that why and I wrote a further article what simple passive cash flow calm slash goals, which is more of a deep dive into this defining end game you guys can do on your own time. If you guys come to Hawaii, we’re going to be doing This in person. So we’re going to skip this networking break here. And we were going to talk to our partner about our goals and vision. The partner was going to give us feedback if it was smart because something I find is what works well as you know, share this with your partner, your friend and have them call you out on it if it’s smart, but we don’t have time for that today we need to get moving next step in the action plan here is to write down five things you did not accomplish this past year. Now these things could be you didn’t hit your weight loss goals. Yeah, I caught myself at it, I got a little slower finding new hobby outlet. I didn’t do that I thought I was gonna play a new musical instrument or do something new. I don’t know, maybe I just not thinking hard enough. But I didn’t really do anything like that sort this past year. I normally operate in a frantic mode, doing all this stuff, and I didn’t really improve that. So those are some of myself and hopefully that gave you some ideas to call yourself on it. And that just goes to show right it’s either lack of time focus, or lack energy. Those are the three things that this all points down to four failure, no more specifically, you know, here’s some six common things that get in our way. Number one, we just disconnect from the goal. Maybe it’s because of a week why we were pushed at one point. But then once that push, that quick motivation went away, and we got used to the status quo, we weren’t able to follow through number two here, maybe we find a surrogate for that goal to accomplish that same way. So the example of that would be you wanted to leave your day job because you didn’t like your boss, but then your boss left and you’re fine. Now, actually, things improved. Number three, use the wrong strategy. And that’s what we’re kind of going to work on for the rest of the time here is, you know, working on strategy, I’m a big strategy guy, as opposed to some of the Fufu stuff and think about it and it might happen attitude. Number four, you lack the knowledge resources or people before a lot of people that’s why they join the mastermind to get around the right people because as you know, passive investors especially accredited investors, or even people 500,000 dollars network are higher. It’s all in the network and the people that you know, and the other people trying to do the same thing. You know, knowledge is found in podcasts and books at some point, you kind of run the circuit on that maybe that was once the barrier for you. Number five, you took the easy way. And maybe number six, it was the whole crabs in a bucket theory, where you just had the wrong people around you that weren’t growth mindset and kind of pulled you back down. So now look at your goals and at least take one of them now and break down the goal into four chunks. Example of the whole physical fitness here is being broken down. And I like to use physical fitness because it’s very logical as opposed to some of these bigger goals. Just to outline the procedure. First step would be creating a routine of activity three days a week number two, see this is a defined check in point. So evaluate process in March 1. And when you do that, you literally want to write it down or put it on the calendar or whatever you use and put it in as you evaluate the process and what you’ve been doing up to that point and You might have to change your course correction, number three part of the strategy here, that’s that earlier strategies not working, maybe you add a fourth, fifth day of working out. And then the step four here, evaluate progress in June 1. And at that point, really start to looking at the diet. So take your goals, break it down into four chunks, it may not be the best strategy, but look better than nothing, at least you have a plan going in, I’m going to go over a variety of different tricks or hacks that you can use to improve your strategy that you have right now. So first one is that the person hacks so this involves you getting someone who who was five years ahead of you at your level, and someone who you can mentor in something that you’re working on, which sounds counterintuitive. So the first person that you’re kind of looking up to this person is going to have the lay of land for you and be able to advise you, the person at your level that’s going to be sort of my accountability partner, keep you motivated and the person under your level, this kind of keeps you up at your level. And some people they just want to let people down and by teaching other people You inherently learn a lot I thought I didn’t know much about investing. When I started this podcast I was just going to talk about what the stuff I did but apparently by talking about it I kind of got a pretty good understanding and a good way to communicate different concepts. So that’s a prime example of that. The next tip here you can sort of employ is this concept of the four levels of a mentors sold for the first level, the lowest level or mentors that unconscious you absorb. So these would be the podcasts you listen to the books, you read the news articles, you read the stuff that you see on TV, this is all the unconscious stuff that you’re bringing in and the influence your thoughts and creatures, your set points on the way you act. The second level is informal mentors. Now these are the guys who could possibly five years or more ahead of you that’s going to help you out give you the lay of land here there but make no mistake after your chance meeting with them or maybe it’s a serious they don’t really have skin in the game. They’re here just to be a cool person and help you out. I think a lot of senses just in our we Facebook group club, it’s a lot of good networking. But at the same time, it’s a lot of informal networking and informal mentoring, where you might just talk to one person. And that’s it. And that’s why I like the passive investor accelerator and masterminds and you’re able to really get to know people, it becomes more of a reciprocal relationship for the informal mentor, they’re helping you out, but they’re not bought in as like the third level, which is the more of a formal mentor where you’re actually paying this person for their services. Or maybe you’re not paying for the services, but they have skin in the game that may be akin to like your children, right? Because if you screw up, they’re probably going to come and mooch off your money. So you don’t want that to happen. Where informal mentors kind of like your niece or nephew you know, you don’t really care if they run around in the restaurant or not yours you set the deal with them once in a while. The last level the highest level is you kind of completing the circle of life and becoming a mentor of yourself and paying it forward. Here’s some environmental systems you can create for yourself. I bought this habit board hasn’t come in the mail yet. So I’m excited to see if it works for me or not, but you build a habit and you put a push pin in the hole every day that you complete that task. And I think Jerry Seinfeld created this productivity hack where you don’t break the chain. It’s your job to figure out what is this daily habit or already habit or whatever to do that’s going to move slowly towards your goals over the long term. And it could be something like you’re going to do a set of ABS at eight o’clock every day, or you’re going to go to the gym every day, or some of you guys to brush your teeth every day. So this all goes down to the whole there’s a very popular books, Benjamin hardy wrote willpower doesn’t work The Power of Habit, obviously you guys know what that’s all about. But you don’t really need to read the books. Just trust me. The systems and creating your environment are very important because willpower is weak. We fall victim to what’s easy, and what’s easy isn’t typically aligned with where a direction we’d like to have. There’s another book here by Gretchen Rubin, the 14th sees she’s got four types of people, the upholder, the rebel, the questioner and neoplasia. I think she has like a quick quiz on her website to quickly identify who you are. But I’ll kind of go through these four categories of holders the person who always follows the rules. And for someone who would like myself who was more of a question or a question everything, the upholders are really annoying to me because they are more about process than getting things done. The rebel is the person who always does the opposite of what everybody says and what society wants. And the Oh pleasure does things for other people instead of keeping things doing things for themselves. So go back to the upholder, the person who follows the rules. So you create rules for yourself. That’s a strategy for you. If you’re a rebel, or if you’re you know, if your kids are rebel, right? You have them come to the conclusion that they should not eat candy. Let them say what do you want to have a sore stomach? Well, last time you had a sore stomach, if you had the candy, it’s just kind of creating the fence around them and letting them make the decision for themselves because If you make the decision, you’re going to go the opposite way. And we kind of do this to ourselves unconsciously the questioner is the person who questions things. So I would say myself being a questioner, I think what works a lot is understanding the why why am I doing this reconfirm? What’s the big picture here, then the openledger person who wants to please other people, any nouns, the simplest like you set up calendar invites with other people to set you on the right goals the right thing. So you go to the gym with another person, you carpool with the person. That way when you you don’t want to go to the gym, you don’t want to let the other person down or yourself down rewards and penalties here are another way of strategizing to set yourself up for success. Some people respond more to the stick and which is the penalty getting hit and some people respond more to setting up milestones and rewards. So you’re kind of working towards milestones along the way, and you give yourself maybe a treat here or maybe you buy yourself something or maybe You take yourself off to a massage Michelangelo says here that I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. So he said this, if you think about the statue of the Michelangelo was this big marble block, and it really wasn’t anything until he removed the outer layer. And a lot of times, just saying no can be the best thing. I mean, look into your life, everybody’s on demand for your time and energy. But if you’re especially if you’re in a blazer and you’re trying to please everybody, you’re going to be drained pretty quickly, and you’re not going to have any bandwidth to do anything that you want it to do. So also beware of muster baiting. These are the person who says I must do this, I must do that must and also same time, look out for the shitting on yourself. How do you deal with your muster Bader and a shitter, to use words that create possibility ownership and forward momentum to example, I’m choosing to take control of my financial freedom today, or I’m choosing to direct my money or I’m choosing to be more consistent with my motivation. It’s funny You watch a lot of people and you’re very conscious to the words that they’re choosing and the way they view the world, but to that person, it’s their blind spot, and they can often mean their downfall. And we are very blind to our own self self torture questions. If you’re a person who beat yourself up use what instead of why, instead of why can’t I be more consistent to know what can I do to be more consistent in a way it’s instead of arguing with yourself try and be more collaborative with yourself and try and address the problem the negative loops or belief you have will get you in the magic words that you can use our up until now. So you can use up until now I thought insert the negative loop or the self torture phrase that you’ve been using for the longest time. So build goals and strategies, at least four steps and with the check in points and here’s a little guide for for the check in points is you know, set the timer for 20 to 40 minutes getting into the right state. Maybe you need to put on Nice music, maybe you need a little wine, whatever floats your boat and get a pen and paper or on your computer, mobile device and a quiet space and check in on yourself and see how your strategy is working and make sure you schedule these check ins in the calendar. If not, I guarantee you will not happen create a check in schedule here I put two to four weeks as a recommendation. But sometimes it might be a more appropriate to do more of a quarterly check in or half a year check in but find something that’s appropriate. If you’re signing up to do something every two weeks and every four weeks and you don’t do it because it’s impractical. It’s not the right chicken schedule for the right scope of the project or scope size, then you’re going to lose a lot of momentum. And it’s kind of like Well, I’m going to go to the gym and do 1000 push ups well likely you’re not going to do anything make the goal small and obtainable and then you’ll get momentum on your side. And you know, we have see strategies because mike tyson says everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. All right. It works. Online is still open if you guys want to record some stuff on there, hopefully you guys can get some good ideas and some other people’s goals if you want to steal some of there’s no problem with that. But that concludes our goals webinar this year. Hope to see you guys out in Honolulu on February 14 to 17th go to simple passive cash flow calm slash week three to get involved with that and also the passive investor acceleration mastermind. If you guys like this interaction, we kind of do this quite often. We do this every two weeks, and we pair up people and we get to start to build their relationships that way and also the online community there. I hope you guys have a good 2020 and we’ll post this on the website and the YouTube channel. If you guys want to go ahead and review this on your own time and make sure you add more goals. My suggestion would be to make three to seven goals anymore is too much in the overwhelm any less you might get stalled on a wonderful it’s always good to Have two or three that you can keep moving on. Thanks for listening guys and we’ll see you guys at the next investor letter meetings will pass a casual comm slash investor letter for that and hopefully you guys have a good 2020




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