2020 Real Estate Crash – Save Money or Invest Now?

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It seems like everyone is talking about the market being at peak right now. And personally, I think things rings true for multifamily, even more so than other asset classes, given the situation, how do you personally decide how much to invest in opportunities today versus staying liquid to invest potentially greater opportunities in one or two years, my investment philosophy is when I have liquidity, I’m going to invest it again, some of the rules that I follow is I don’t invest more than five or 10% of my network into any one thing to get diversification that way.

I’m spreading around my portfolio in two big ways. The first way is different geographic areas. And then the second is different asset classes. I mean, most of my holdings are in apartment complexes and some mobile home parks. But I haven’t really branched out too much into self storage or some different asset classes, I definitely have done a bunch of development. And getting more into that. 

But diversifying into different opportunities is is a good way, I think for anybody. And that’s what I’m doing for myself. As far as A, B and C class properties. I think I’m kind of moving on from class C and Class C, I think everybody gets a little blue eyed over there, you can get 10 plus percent cash flows, but it’s a hard clientele like classy tenants, they’re hard because they don’t have too much cash savings and collections is very difficult for that type and often new trading a lot of sweat equity, especially as offered Of course, for that, but even as an LP investor investing in C class deals, cash flow is very hiddenness. 

One way I balanced staying liquid, I use infinite banking. So if you guys want to learn more about that go to simple passive cash flow, calm slash banking, but it’s a technique that a lot of wealthy families will do to use life insurance as a means to not pay taxes because it’s a little tax loophole. You don’t pay taxes on life insurance, and when it is life insurance, it is very hard to get sued for that money.

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