January 14-17, 2022 @ Honolulu, Hawaii
"Safe Hawaii" requires participants to be vaccinated to attend

"HUI4" Mastermind & Retreat

Pictures from our 2020 HUI3

Reserve your spot - Before Prices Go Up & Limited spots for non-Family Office and non Live Hui Investor Clients for this intimate opportunity

Due to State of Hawaii laws - COVID Vaccine will be required


Customers at restaurants, bars and other similar establishments, are required to wear a mask and show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid19 test within the last 48-hours to enter. Children under 12 years old are exempt. We are providing voluntary proof of vaccination wristbands for our guests to use at our restaurants, luau, bars, fitness center and other indoor recreational sites. For details on the program please visit www.oneoahu.org/safe-access-oahu

Testimonials from the 2020 HUI3


Highlights from our Hui3

Testimonials from Past Events?

What to expect

  • Here are just a few topic and structured networking roundtable sessions we have planned so far:
  1. Utilization of a Mastermind
  2. What to do with your Lazy equity?  w/ breakout rooms with those in your peer group on this topic
  3. How to Flex your Equity – 1031 Exchanges/Cash Out Refi/Selling w/ individually curated and assigned breakout rooms
  4. Withdrawing 401K’s the tax smart way
  5. Syndication LP Tips w/ individually curated and assigned breakout rooms 
  6. Infinite Banking – Where are you at with Infinite Banking (Life insurance banking)? w/ individually curated and assigned breakout rooms 
  7. Emergency fund 2.0 w/ individually curated and assigned breakout rooms
  8. SPC gravy Train – “God mode” – REP with making a STR w/ individually curated and assigned breakout rooms
  9. Cost Segregation/Bonus depreciation
  10. Real Estate Professional status
  11. Trusts/Wills/Estate Plans – Have you setup your family Trust/Will/Estate plan?  w/ individually curated and assigned breakout rooms
  12. SDIRAs & QRPs & the Cons of both w/ individually curated and assigned breakout rooms
  13. Reluctant Spouse Syndrome – evening happy hour with spouses w/ individually curated and assigned breakout rooms
  14. Profit First concept w/ individually curated and assigned breakout rooms
  15. Various Hot Seats
  16. Networking Breakout: Occupation/Industry
  17. Networking Breakout: Per net worth
  18. Networking Breakout: Goal based
  19. Goal setting & Accountability partnering
  20. If there is time we will then do random shotgun style networking
NEW Networking sessions:
Family legacy discussion with young or older families

Affluent Investors | Masterminding | in paradise




Friday, January 14th, 2022

Arrive in Honolulu. Hawaii (HNL), island of Oahu. 

Mingle with the rest of the Hui coming from dozens of states across the nation!

Hotel/Lodging is on your own but we recommend joining us in Waikiki which will become the central rally spot. See discounted info in FAQ below.

A rental car is recommended to get around or Uber/Lyft if partying – be safe.

VIP session will take place in the afternoon.

First planned event will be 6-8PM evening happy hour with “pupus” (basically a Hawaii style Hors d’oeuvres) in Waikiki. 

If you came with family this is a free evening to enjoy the island on your own or unwind before a busy weekend. 

Day one of “business” in the (tax) books! That is a lot of work for a passive investor!


Choose your own adventure

Saturday, January 15th, 2022

Rise and shine! 

With a bit of “business” out of the way in the form of networking and financial planning, you might want to take it easy in paradise.

Our first planned excursion with the rest of the Hui Mastermind attendees:

  1. Guided half-day island tour tour with mini hike. Transportation included from the Hotel.
  2. 5PM Evening Happy hour and “Heavy Pupus + Sunset in Waikiki”
Other tourist recommendations if you would like to explore the island on your own.



Sunday, January 16th, 2022

This will be the main day where we build on the relationships we have formed to truly mastermind amongst the attendees in a structured Mastermind day!

9am start:

Short Term Investment Options
-Short term interest, best place to stay short term cash and not IBC. I’m thinking dividend stocks for now
– Strategy and options to explore different asset allocation percentages of your net worth (i.e. how much in rentals, syndications, index funds, IBC, cryto,etc)

IBC and The Next Level
-Show IBC arbitrage of borrowing cash and total investment return
-Infinite Banking 101
-Infinite Banking – can you calc a ROI?
Investing As An LP
-Risk of investing as LP and how to minimize those risks
-How to accelerate wealth as a passive (LP) inventor?
-What are ways passive (LP) investors can reduce their tax liability?

How Vital is Your Network?
-How do you get a CPA?
-What is the most important thing to look for in trusting a real estate syndicator?
-How to approach family goals/ investing towards financial freedom from a wholistic view
-What are your suggestions and plans help Foom members reach their goals, improve engagement etc?

In Depth: Your Retirement Game Plan
-Strategy and options to explore different asset allocation percentages of your net worth (i.e. how much in rentals, syndications, index funds, IBC, cryto,etc)
-End gamers hot seats – short presenations by those who are “retired” and “financially free”. What was their “number”? and how did they know if was “safe” to quit their W-2?
-How to approach family goals/ investing towards financial freedom from a wholistic view?
-Pro’s & con’s of carrying debt into retirement
-Increasing net worth (debt reduction) vs. building passive income
-How to approach starting a Trust
-Taxes in general
-Balancing cash flow vs growth with RE investments

Syndication and Strategies
-Testimonials on full cycle experiences
-Long term strategy having only syndications
-How to approach starting a Trust
-Taxes in general
-Is it wash-rinse-repeat all the way to endgame?
-What is your projected 3 year syndication roadmap – asset types, markets, deal structures, etc.?
-What are your suggestions and plans help Foom members reach their goals, improve engagement etc?

Debunking The Usual “Investment”
-How to leak out 401k retirement funds
-How to invest with Roth IRA self-directed
-Increasing net worth (debt reduction) vs. building passive income
-Balancing cash flow vs growth with RE investments
-What to do with my 401k (while I still work at the company)?

5pm Luau + Show 


Choose your own adventure

Monday, January 17th, 2022
Remember its' the MLK Holiday 😁

VIP & FOOM members – we will do a FOOM Only activity that will conclude by 1PM so you can catch evening flights.

The purpose of the Mastermind is to also bring your family and have them interact with the other high quality Hui members. But if you want to make some memories on your own with your immediate ohana that’s ok too!

While it is encouraged to spend a day or two extra to make your trans-pacific flight worth it and spend lots of money stimulating the Hawaii economy because I sure don’t pay too much Hawaii state taxes, spend my money here, nor invest in Hawaii some participants will have to run back home and back to work after a long three day weekend.

But if you are staying let us know and pending headcount we may have a central rally point of community house for participants to relax and hangout through Monday evening. 

Combine business and pleasure

Your Network is your Net-Worth

The local REIA clubs or Meetups are just have a bunch of broke people. You can spend thousands of dollars traveling to wantabee real estate investor conferences burning up vacation days talking to people who dress up for the weekend. 

Only here will you get to authentically meet affluent, professionals, also investing passively in real estate on the journey to financial freedom.


Lane Kawaoka

Your Tour Guide!
Honolulu, HI

Full immersion Networking and Relationship building w/ Lane Kawaoka & Other Hui Investors

Non-LIVE investors & Non-Mastermind members will need to apply to attend

"If you are like me my parents and ex-co workers never owned any remote rentals or get involved in syndication or private placements. Taking money out of your retirement account to invest directly in real estate to reap the tax rewards is just un talked about. Except for this one weekend where you will be emerged with other financially fanatic friends on the same upward trajectory as you. This is where you find your tribe to start your journey to Simple Passive Cashflow."

Building your social capital starts here



Early Bird Special Pricing




Early Bird Special Pricing
(Limited to 79 attendees -
Priority to FOOM Members)



After Early Bird -Attendee


In effect before Jan 2nd 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend staying in Waikiki or an AirBNB in Honolulu. We have a room block setup at waikiki – it is highly suggested to stay with the group in order to close down the bar or meet with individuals for breakfast during the three days. Email team@simplepassivecashflow.com for details.

Here are some of the perks they are giving our group:

In-Room & Resort Wi-Fi Internet Access
Daily Poolside Treats
Unlimited Access to Fitness Center
Pool Chaise Lounges & Cabanas
Exclusive Discounts on Select Island Activities
Use of Plush Robes
Pool & Beach Towels Daily Exercise or Cultural Activities
Nightly Live Entertainment
Discounted Resort free of $15 normally $29
Discounted Valet Parking of $29/day normally $49

Guest accommodations will be available at 3:00 pm on arrival day and reserved until 11:00 am on departure day. Any attendee wishing special consideration for late checkout should inquire at the front desk on the day of departure.

Other booking notes:

When you make your online booking the website will show the daily destination fee of USD$29 and plus taxes will be added, which doesn’t match with our group rate agreement. The destination fee will be applied $15 plus tax per day and will be reflected on the final folio when guests’ check out from the hotel. So when they book the room on the booking link, the total cost will be higher than what they will pay at the hotel. The credit card the guest put down at time of booking will not authorize any charges. It is just to secure the reservation.

We are having two VIP FOOM events in the tail ends 1) Friday late afternoon and 2) Monday late morning. I figure a lot of people would be flying out Monday afternoon or getting in late Friday. Both those VIP events would be in Waikiki so it will be important to be near the room block. If you are not VIP/FOOM the first event is Friday evening and the last event you would ideally attend would be Sunday evening luau.

Getting a car rental is recommended. Uber/Lyft if drinking. Transportation will be provided for the Saturday half day island tour and mini hike.

In order to do some “business” we have a planned masterminding/networking evening session on Friday. FOOM & VIPs will have a session in the afternoon. Our last planned sessions will conclude Sunday evening with the Luau. However, Monday will be a relaxed say at the hotel bar and dining area with a VIP/FOOM session in the morning and informal Aloha gatherings into the evening. It is recommended to take no earlier than an afternoon flight out on Monday however you are invited to relax the last evening with the rest of us and ideally leave on Tuesday to enjoy the vacation before heading back into the grind.

The total headcount will be limited to comply with strict Hawaii Covid protocols.  A smaller group allows for more face to fact time with Lane and other high quality participants. Our goal is to have 50-80 participants.

We recommend bringing your spouse and family to the group activities on Friday – Sunday. There is no better atmosphere to meeting other families in our eco-system. Monday’s activities the first half of the day might be optional for them if they would rather enjoy the Hawaii weather. Involving your spouse in these decisions with the right peer group might help you with “reluctant spouse syndrome.” All day Sunday will be the most intense networking day and if a spouse/family would do something on their own, that would be the one day.

Dress will be resort casual. You are on vacation if you want to wear flip flops and board shorts and start drinking at 3PM them you be you! We are here to learn and build relationships with others in the Hui. See past Hui 1 event here or Hui 2 event here. And most the most similar event was Hui3. What better way to meet other investors in their most authentic light.

Again it is highly suggested to stick with the group at the Laylow Waikiki room block in order to be in proximity to other participants throughout the weekend. I would imagine that many will close down the bar every evening (11pm or 2am depending on COVID protocols) or wander down for some team building (Karaoke). Not a nightlife person? The laylow has a great coffee bar serving Stumptown coffee and a great breakfast spot to have small group hangouts. Shave ice is also free at noon at the pool!

Hawaii is a politically left state. And therefore COVID protocols are very strict. Relax you are in Hawaii… its paradise and go with the flow. If you get upset about things that are outside your control and voice it unconsciously please do not come. Its not that we don’t value your opinions, we just don’t want that negativity ruining others vacation and life changing experience.

Here are some latest resources:


Travel Requirements

The ‘Safe Access O‘ahu” program requires all employees, contractors, and volunteers of businesses, such as restaurants, bars, (indoor) gyms, movie theaters, museums, arcades and other similar establishments, to show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative COVID-19 test result each week in order to operate. In addition, customers must show proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result taken within the previous 48 hours in order to enter the establishment. Children under 12 years old are exempt.”
  • Proof of full vaccination means demonstrating that a person has completed a vaccination regimen approved by the Hawaii Department of Health in compliance with all requirements of the State’s Safe Travels program through providing:
-A hard copy of a state-approved vaccination card;
-A photograph/digital copy of a state-approved vaccination card; or
-A Hawai‘i state-approved digital/smart device application confirming full vaccination status (including via the Safe Travels program/application or Hawai‘i SMART Health Card or SMART Health Card Verifier App).
  • Proof of negative test result: What is an acceptable negative COVID-19 test?
-A negative test result must be a U.S. Food and Drug Administration emergency use authorization, or approved molecular test, or antigen test taken within 48 hours of entry to a business included in this emergency order.
  • Some methods for verification include, but are not limited to: a screen shot of app with test result for at-home tests that have app components; a receipt for a test of the same brand within the timeframe; a photo of result with time/date visible.

-And identification with the same information as the negative COVID-19 test.

Please bring your proof of vaccination or your proof of negative test result.

Past HUI Events

Other questions please send to Team@SimplePassiveCashflow.com

Check out past events

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