250k Net Worth Chemical Engineer Coaching Call

At what point would you say? I should start thinking about syndications, like investing in those. So for most people, I would say get up to half a million at least, but you’re already, still connected. That’s how you got into this stuff in the first place. Like you have the great ability to invest via proxy.

You got people around, you already investing in syndications testing the water. So by the time you’re ready, which you could probably do it now, you just jumped right on and it’s like, This is kind of what I call like investor proxy. If you have a couple of guys here, your buddies I’ve already invested in, they found that they’d found a good operator and just jumped in how bad can it be?

It’s the ones where a lot of investors are like really dumb these days and they just want to sound cool. So they say, oh yeah, some really good. And you come to find out that they need didn’t get, invest their money in it. They just, I don’t know what the heck they’re going off of or referrals. Great. But it’s not.

Good as like a real referral where someone is actually investing money with, I got hurt a couple of times where investing with that silver level referral to empty referral, what I call it. It’s just like when people are trying to find property managers. Oh, ABC property managers. Good. Do you have any houses with them?

Where did you just hear? Because they happened to be the sponsor of their local region. .