AHP Servicing new Reg A+ Note Fund Offering Quick Review

Lane has touched on a few of these things is why ambass again, we’re open to accredited and non accredited investors, the minimum investment is $100 you’re investing in a business you’re investing in HP servicing, which is uncorrelated to the market, we collect fees and a down market and and up market, investors get their share of profits. First up to 10% liquidity if you need your money back, we will undertake our best efforts to liquidate the investment and get your money back within 30 days. I should have slides a little wrong here, so I’ll correct it. If it’s liquidated in the first year, the returns are reduced to 8%. In the second year, they’re reduced to 9%. If you hold keep the money in the fund for at least two years, then you get to keep the full 10% and everything we do is done with a social impact in mind. Our mission is work with these families who are struggling with their mortgage in order to find sustainable solutions that oftentimes other lenders are not willing to consider.