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Step 1: Knowing your Numbers

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The Hui Deal Pipeline Club is a free investor club where I filter investments and underwrite the numbers and partners myself. Unlike other investor lists and groups, my investors have personal access to me and know that I personally have skin in the game investing alongside with my investors. 

What are these property expenses?

Also don’t forget about contract services such as lawn/yard service, snow removal, pest control, or pool maintenance.

Warning: Some nerve-racking property inspection. Don’t watch this if you’re having your meal!

Other expenses not associated with rental property but more as a part of your investor business:

  • CPA to do your taxes
  • Lawyers to deal with lawsuits
  • Most times a professional property management company will handle evictions and pass through costs to you.
  • Also don’t forget about LLC costs.
  • Stamps, cloud storage, office supplies…

BRRRR - Buy, Rent, Rehab, Refinance, Repeat

Net Worth over $50,000?

Net Worth under $100,000?

Check out our BRRR Calc below… you are going to have to trade time for money and take a bit more risk.


NOTE this is coming from an Accredited investors POV who used to do turnkey rentals.

I personally would not do Remote BRRRR as there is just a lot of risk with 

This is especially true for high paid professional or those with a net worth of over $300,000.

Here is an example of these issues.