Best Marketing Platform for Short Term Rentals

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So we don’t leave anybody behind talking about VR Bo Airbnb, whatever platform kind of working on Airbnb in VR Bo, let’s call it just one planet in a vast solar system the gravitational pull on this whole world of Airbnb is so strong that people never leave it and competition is getting increasingly a stiff especially within the Bay Area. More people are jumping on trying to make ends meet. So I use that as a safety net to fall back on it’s not where I stay. I tell people I coach that Airbnb is the minimum wage job into the corporate housing world. So I continue up the ladder all the way to build relationships directly with companies and cut Airbnb and brb Oh, completely out. My main source of traffic is Facebook Messenger and also lots of word of mouth, things like that. So there’s a very, very big world and Airbnb is new, their artificial intelligence all their internet SEO Marketing is great, and it’s so great that you should use it as a backup and keep trying different things.

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