Best Way to Define Infinite Banking

I best define infinite banking is it’s really our process. In creating private vault for you to use as your bank. And overall it’s a process, the vehicle that it uses his whole life insurance and its dividend paying whole life insurance is the product of choice on that. I specifically like from our multiple reasons that we’ll go over, but that policy then is you overfund it.

And in that way, it has a cash value that you can access your cash at any time via policy. That’s the overall concept. And as you pull that out, the money still continues to work in your vault or in that, in your account. And you’re able to deploy that elsewhere and pretty much have your money work in two places at once.

The way I personally use it, when I had a policy, when I first started to do $50,000 a year after a couple of years, two, three years, they had at least a hundred thousand dollars of cash value built up in there. I always try and keep my liquidity low in my bank. You never want to have too much cash making nothing, but that’s why the next money is in your infinite banking policy to cash value, where it’s making a nice little tax-free yield.

That the first component of why we like infinite banking so much when the money is in, I call this the government in pull, but it’s just for some strange reason. Yeah. Life insurance, your yields, there are tax free. That’s a place to store my liquidity. And then when I need to go into a dealer too, and I need to drain that liquidity, I have it, but at least it’s not sitting in my normal checking account savings account, not doing any teeth growth, the use of whole life insurance.

It has a guaranteed aspect of it. Current gross rate of that is, 4% that is about to change, but the policies are ranging from three, three, 3% to three and a half percent uncorrelated not tied to the stock market directly on some policies you may have. And you can be in control of that, of how much funds are correlated.

But one of the main benefits for investors that this is not correlated to the stock market protection, but it is a product. So there is a life death benefit portion of it. But in addition to that in states, it varies, but there’s also some liability. And bankruptcy protection with the cash value or the death benefit over policies.

Some of our doctor clients, what they like to do is they stuff a lot of cash in here mainly for this protection aspect, right? There’s all these different asset protection strategies out there. There’s not one that’s going to get you to trying to build your castle with multiple layers of protection and diversifying.

So by putting some money into life insurance policies, Think that one part of your portfolio. Yeah. And liquidity, that’s one of the main appeals for investors where your funds are not tied up. You have access to that and it, you would have access to it in the forms of policy loans. And that’s what keeps it also, tax-free where you have access to the growth and all of your policy.