Review – Investing in Crypto Stablecoin as a short-term liquidity

Goal: Earn the highest rate lending USDC stable coins

  • USDC – 8.6% APY
  • Interest Payment Schedule: Monthly
  • Interest Type: Compounded Monthly

I got tipped off to via a few trusted people in my network who knows a lot more about the Crypto space.

I was looking for another place to store liquidity. Could this be another option for my Opportunity Fund?

Here is currently where I story liquidity that I can get access to it in 2 days to 3 months.

  1. Checking accounts (Bluevine/High Yield Rewards Checking account/Commenity Bank)
  2. Cash Value in my Infinite Banking
  3. AHP (10-12%)
  4. And now 8.6% Stable Coin?

I’m not a fan of paying for wires (must be the cheapo inside me).

ACH… Maximum deposits of $500 per day. You kidding me! 

They use PLAID which does not service any of the off brand banks and credit unions I use anyway… sigh!

I guess I have to wire it. Luckily Azlo gives me no outgoing wire fee!

All right here goes $500 test investment!

Living Update Log

20.12.1 started an account and funded with $500

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