Rent Increase in Real Estate This is a report from Zumper boarding that rent creases are on the rise. If you haven’t noticed. I think the last couple months

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Tips for Real Estate BUYERS Let’s talk about some tips for our buyers, as well as their sellers are starting off for our buyers. This is information for tips

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July 2021 Monthly Market Update What’s up everybody. This is the July, 2021 monthly market update. You can check out past monthly updates by going to simple passive

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Sell Your Timeshares NOW What’s the process. If somebody wants to sell their time share, and then we’ll skip over to, I think most of us don’t really

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How Sneaky are Timeshares? And just so that we can pinpoint it because every time people ask me why I’m a real estate investor, I it’s time share.

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Timeshares w/ Alexandra Olson Hey , simple passive cashflow listeners. Today, we are going to talk about giving up your time, share, why they’re not the best of

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