Boasting your credit score hack – Using Others Credit Lines


Why would these authorized users buy trade lines? And why would they pay $502,000 to these brokers first, a lot of them, they want to get a credit card approved to get the best rates on the loan. I mean, if you’re sitting at a 600 FICO credit score, you’re going to get the best score I believe at like 656 80. And that could mean a difference of paying like a half a point, quarter point less, which we all know that could be a lot of money at the end of the amortization schedule. A lot of these guys are more sophisticated people in my opinion, from what I see they’re not broke people trying to get their credit score from 300 to 450. So they can go out and get a car loan. They’re interesting that a lot of them are business owners and they’re trying to just optimize their credit to get a massive business loan.

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