Can I Get a Home Loan if I am Self Employed?

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Whereas the funding options for folks with self employed or no w two income Well, I mean w income is not a must self employed is just as good as we take a look at the net net income. Obviously people that are self employed, they will do everything they can to write off as much as they can protect limitations, but we do take the net net number so if you your line 31 as you’re on it, chances are we’re not going to be able to help you because we do do the fully documented loans. most investors that we work with, they have very strong income, very strong credit and very strong assets. Typically, it’s not a problem. So I mean, all I gotta say is let me take a look at your 1040 tax returns for the last two years. Let me see what kind of incomes associated to it. And then we’re good


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