Things that you can’t learn in college

Things that you can’t learn in college:

  1. Schools teach concepts but it does not really help you learn personal branding, networking, and creativeness as trends change. They teach you what happen in the past which may not help you in the future
  2. They don’t teach you to be a good speaker you absorb material
  3. You don’t get the repetitions to get better. You take one test (a pretty bad indicator of mastery)
  4. Colleges teach you processes and rules which does not help you develop your creativeness or much critical thinking. If you are not creative (how do you know if you are not put in that position) then yea I guess you can be a worker bee. Maybe there would be more leaders if the school system would be more focused on it.
  5. Tests require read, studying, and answer… by the real world requires you to test, test, test and fail fail fail.