138 – Fundamentals – Crypto Currency Basics with Andy Lapointe

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________Here are the Show Notes________

Is dealing in Cryptocurrency dangerous?

Bitcoin grew in value by 1,000% in 2017.

Ripple was the best performing crypto, which had gains of 36,018% last year due to its ease of use. Each coin of Ripple is worth a small fraction of a Bitcoin. The technology makes it easier for banks, payment providers and businesses to send payments globally. They promise to deliver an experience that is instant, traceable, and inexpensive.

NEM is an enterprise blockchain with “smart assets.” It can also be used to manage things like currencies, financial instruments, supply chains, and notarizations. Think how eBay or Amazon takes data from UPS or USPS to track your packages, but a lot bigger.

Other Cryptos:
Ethereum (2nd biggest Cypto)
Litecoin (getting in mainstream vernacular)

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