List of places to find Real Estate opportunities

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After over 1000 strategy calls with investors and coaching clients over the past couple years here is what I tell W2 employees… For those who are able to save more than $30k a year or have substantial liquidity (over 200k), being a landlord and especially flipping is a lot of work. If you like it cool/good for you… but just remember why we got into this… To be free from a JOB. A lot of us (80%) who stumble upon and start drinking Kool-Aide will be financially free in 4-7 years pending taking action. So I always urge people to start with the end in mind and take a more passive approach.

Focus on being an Investor not a Landlord.

Do the math here… with 300 dollars per property (2 months of work to buy a turnkey rental) you are going to need 20-40 of these to replace your income. I have 10 of these and have systems in place but have 1-2 evictions a year and 3-4 big things that happen. Image if I had 30, just 3 x those numbers.

Directly investing in a turnkey rental or small MFH is a good way to start to learn and build up the war chest to go into my scaleable investments such as private placement syndications. Whatever you do, try to be as close to the investment as possible. This is the fundamental problem I have with Wall Street who takes too much fees off the hard-working efforts of the middle class. 

If your net worth (income minus expenses) is under $200,000 or barely save $30,000, syndications are not for you. Stick with these Turnkey rentals despite what Gurus (who are trying to sell you their program) tell you for now. They have a little higher gains (a lot more volatility) but a syndicator who is willing to put you in a deal with more than 10-20% of your net worth is asking for trouble.

*PS never like the idea of wholeselling where you basically steal houses from people at 50 cents on the dollar and say you are “helping people solve problems”

Photo by Jared Belson

34 Deal Sources:

  1. Database of brokers or deals
  2. Find investors locally
  3. Find investors on the internet
  4. Turnkey providers – to network with deal people
  5. vendors
  6. Find deals
  7. Network with wholesalers
  8. Talk to brokers
  9. Talk to apartment owners
  10. Brainstorm fundraiser sources
  11. Church
  12. Sports club
  13. Professional organizations
  14. Non-profit
  15. neighborhood association
  16. Military
  17. Healthcare
  18. Government agency
  19. Family
  20. Fraternal org
  21. Culture org
  22. Main Street/small business
  23. Trade organization
  24. Insurance companies
  25. Faith-based companies
  26. Support groups
  27. Social service agency
  28. Schools colleges
  29. Large companies
  30. BiggerPockets
  31. Property management
  32. Rehabbers
  33. General broker blast
  34. Apartment owners
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