Cost Efficient Cost Segregations for $2M and under properties

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$50 off residential (1-4 unit) and $100 off commercial

You need to be able to figure out* if a $500-9,000 cost segregation is worth the tax benefit based on how much losses you are able to extract and how long you get to hold those taxes until you have to pay back the capital gain and depreciation recapture.

DIYcostseg has leveraged the engineering expertise and modeling data of ELB’s cost segregation data over 14,000 cost segregation studies to provide a modeling platform.

This platform has been thoroughly developed and tested, performing accurately as compared to ELB’s historical cost segregation data results. 

A Cost Effective Cost Seg for small properties or solo owners

This platform was created to address the needs for both commercial and residential rental properties with an improvement basis of up to $2,000,000 or less.

It is recommended to audit protection.

There are many properties with a basis value under $3,000,000 that will warrant the benefits of the full asset detail and the retirement/disposition capabilities associated with ELB’s “fully engineered and  accounted” methodology.

This tool is targeted towards a lower cost and immediate depreciation results of the platform.

The ELB  representative can discuss your specific needs and these cost segregation options with you. 

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  3. Building/Entity Name to be printed on report to match your tax return (LLC, etc.) b. New construction or Purchase (and if a 1031 Exchange, the Step-Up in basis
  4. Enter Property Characteristics (Construction Costs or Purchase Price, Land Value, Year  Purchased, SF building, SF land, # stories, etc.
  5. Select Building Type for list (Rental Home and Residential Condo are our SFR options) e. Select Building Grade (review options, this has a direct impact on results, be accurate)
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  9. Once complete, report will be generated to include a receipt and your input data 

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*95% of CPA’s are the run of mill take the least past of resistance crowd. Perhaps a reason why they still have a day job. Of the good ones or should I say even a good one will not be able to give you full financial planning advice such as how much to pull out of retirement accounts or what deals to go into. Think about it… its unfair for them because 1) They don’t know the deal risk profiles nor the operators, 2) They don’t know your future deployment plans to account for your estimated Adjusted Gross Income (effective tax rate) for the next few years, and 3) they don’t know how much depreciation is going from the plethora of investments you look to go into. This is where I tell my investors that it is your job to understand what you can and cannot do and lead your professionals who JOB is to complete the technical paper work. CPA/Lawyers are Contractors but you need to be or outsource someone to be your Architect. In other words, I don’t advocate to working for a good CPA and trusting them to do it… their job is to fill in the right forms but you need to be in control as the owner and not let the consultant dictate the scope of work. In the Passive Investor Accelerator, Mastermind Events, and done for you full service for you as a Family Office client you are empowered to be your own architect and connected directly with the rolodex of able professionals. We (myself and our community) raises your financial IQ to be able to advise your tax professional on what to do so they can implement the strategy instead of them strong arming you into a conservative and poor tax play.