Do Commercial Loans Count Towards the Fannie Mae Loan Limit?

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Transcription: If somebody has some commercial loan non Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac D those count against the 10, Fannie Freddie Mac commercial loan is separate about properties, okay, any wonderful family loan that has leverage that you personally are the guarantor of counts against you as an example if you have an apartment complex 99% of the time the apartment lenders or the commercial lenders are going to require you to put it into an LLC in a very high percentage of the time it’s non recourse, so we do not count those against you. We had a guy the other day, he decided to put six properties into one commercial loan thinking that he couldn’t accomplish what we’re discussing now and kind of wipe it off the plate so he can still grow. Well. The problem is that the lender still had him as the guarantor of the note on a non recourse commercial loan, the individuals not a guarantor of the note, the LLC is got it says that loan guarantor, that’s the that’s the key in a wonderful category. If they’re a guarantor of our complex, we don’t count that against them because it’s not a one to four family which is considered residential lending.

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