Do I Need Asset Protection on my Retirement Accounts?

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What is the majority of your assets are held in retirement accounts at the present time? Is this the type of protection that’s needed? You’re pretty much solid. If you’re in a risk type qualified retirement plan, you already have asset protection because believer if the US government actually believes in this concept, and they actually don’t want to leave people destitute, because guess who gets to support destitute people in retirement to government, so retirement plans, particularly a risk of qualified plans, but also IRAs, to some degree based on your state are already protected? So you don’t have to use this type of planning. If your assets are already in a qualified plan. You guys gonna say like for the IRA, part of it, is it you know, it’s state dependent, and so some will have great production and we’re going to have completely crappy protection, and they’re not going to protect you for IRAs. For You know, there’s always going to be a fraudulent or unintentional hack argument because that’s an exemption for those protections.

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