Don’t Invest in Short Term Rentals Until You Understand This

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What’s one thing that you’ve seen that people are doing that that you can point out and say that guy’s not going to be successful, but something that’s a trait or something these guys do that will lead them to success. So

of course, photos, I think everyone really knows that but that’s the number one. That’s the big elephant. If you have lousy photos, forget it. You’re going to be beat out all the time are you gonna have to keep lowering your prices to get someone interested in you. The next thing I see is people over decorate and they’re just being a great host. And they’re collecting great reviews and they’re not making any profit. At the end of the day. There’s no net income because they spend it all in decorations and gadgets and things like that. So that’s it you operate as a business owners is completely different than operating as a great Airbnb host as two separate things altogether.

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