Fun Cheapo Ideas w/ Marilyn Anderson

Hey, simple, passive cashflow listeners. As you guys know, I am a recovering cheapo. I call this cafe style, which stands for cheap-ass free and easy. C a F E. You guys can read all about my cheapo slash cheapo. If you’ve got any good ideas, let me know there, but today’s podcast.

I have Marilyn Anderson who wrote the book, how to live life like a millionaire when you’re a million short and we’re going to be going over seven pretty cool ideas just to get the wheels turning on. These are going to be more towards staying at home since the the pandemic everyone’s not going out to large gathering still.

What I realized is a lot of our audience out there, you guys are pretty affluent make a lot of pretty good money. But you guys are still let’s just call it. You guys like to go after value. When we have our Hawaii mastermind retreat the other year, I don’t think anybody stayed at the Hilton or the Sheraton, the five star resorts.

Everybody stayed in little boutiques or with relatives. So I think today’s content will be right up the alley for most of the listeners. But yeah. Thanks for jumping on and let me put up your book so everybody can go get it at We’ll put it up at the end, but yeah, let’s first thing first.

Seven free things to enrich your life. When you’re staying at home. The first one here is unclaimed property can tell us a little bit about that. There is so much money just sitting and waiting for people to claim that, and it’s like, Money that people never knew that they had, and there’s billions of dollars just sitting.

And if people vote to missing money, thought, Tom, and just fill in their name and the state in which they live their name may pop up and tell them they have money. The other thing it doesn’t have most of the States are there, but some are not. So if not you can go to the state website for wherever you live and putting unclaimed property.

And you should do it not just for yourself, but for your parents, for your siblings. And you may find that you have a lot of money. I told a friend of mine to do this, and he fought me all the way. He said, Oh no, this can’t be real. It must be a spam. And. Texas steady at somebody. So he filled out the forms and he got a letter from them in a couple months saying we’re sending you a check and they still thought it wasn’t real.

He ended up getting a check for $12,000. Now some people make that $10 and make it a hundred dollars. They make the 150. Alison powers, but the point is if people have money, they don’t know they have. So that’s an assignment. I give everyone that I talk to is to go to missing for the state or any state in which you’ve lived with a lot of people these days move around.

So if you’ve moved from one state to another, do it for every single state you’ve lived in, put in your city in your name and also do it for your parents, do it for your siblings. And I bet you’ll find some money there. Nine out of 10 of your listeners will probably find some money. I know I did this at one time for the state website and I did find a little cash there, so yeah.

And just in the time you’re talking, I checked my stuff and I didn’t have anything but likely, cause I cleared my name out a little while ago, but yeah, next one. I’m going to Harvard or yell for free. How do we do that? Especially, a lot of these things, some things were available even before, but a lot of people didn’t know about it.

But there are actually about 5,000 different courses from Harvard, from Dale, from Princeton, from universities, all over the country where you can take classes for free and it can be from anything from computers to religion, to science, to technology. And there’s three places that I will tell you about now.

One is edX. Dot org. And one is, and one is class And as I said, the classes and everything, and they’re free, or if you want a certification, you can pay a small fee, but it’s an opportunity either to just enrich your life, you enjoy or advanced your career, or even change your career.

So those are a couple of places I recommend for that. Yeah. And then now there’s a lot of paid ones, right? Like masterclass or teachable. Yeah, but people should also take advantage of these free courses too. Yeah. And if you guys haven’t checked out, we have a lot of e-courses at simple passive e-course the treeline cars, the new syndication LP course, and the Romo investor course are all on there.

If anybody or their kids wants to take courses in screenwriting, I teach those as well because I’m a TV and film writer. So I teach classes in screenwriting all over the world. Actually, I’m teaching a class next week in South Africa, glide to a broad rate show for free. I know

we had a past episode where my buddy, Matt, he would invest in like Moulin Rouge and Hamilton, but now it’s like one of the biggest, yeah, it’s definitely the biggest Hamilton is definitely the biggest.

Yeah. He invested in that and made a killing, but now the stuff isn’t going too well, everything in show business has been pretty much on hold. And the thing is I talk about in my book actually, how, when theaters are going full force and you could pay. $200 a ticket or in the case of Hamilton, what you said hundreds to $2,000 a ticket.

And I would tell people how to get tickets for twenty-five dollars, where in the case of Hamilton tens hours. But now that there’s a pandemic, actually people can see. All these Broadway shows for free. And that is first of all, if you go to YouTube we’ve just put in Broadway shows. There’s about a hundred different Broadway shows from rent to Moulin Rouge, which you mentioned to Aladdin to frozen the musical.

If they have kids or Mathil the legally blonde, I actually watched it the other day. And not only is it the full Broadway production. I think if you have the lyrics, so you can sing along with it and families love to do this. So one thing is, as I said, YouTube, they have all these great Broadway shows.

And if you’re watching musicals, you can’t feel bad. The other place you can go to Broadway HD and they have newer shows. And of course, Now, if you want to see Hamilton, you can see it with your whole family, just for signing up for Disney plus for one month, which costs eight $99 and 99 cents. Instead of paying, two to $800 to see it.

And it’s you have a front row seat because everything is right there in front of you on your TV screen. Green and it is a play it’s not redone as a movie. It’s actually the play Hamilton. So I definitely recommend that. So once things open up again how do you get $25 seats at one of these life?

When things open up again, there’s all kinds of ways to get discounted tickets. Of course, one way is if you’re in New York to go to the tickets booth, but. A lot of the shows. Now the Broadway shows have what I call lottery tickets. And for instance, Hamilton has lottery tickets for $10. And if you’re lucky enough, it used to be that you had to go to the theater two hours before and they would take the numbers out of a hat, but then they were getting too many people blocking the streets for Hamilton.

So instead they started doing digital lotteries. So for shows like Hamilton and practically every other Broadway show. And this is not just in New York, but we chose travel to your. City. If it had a lot of Rio, New York, there will be a lot of reef in your city. And if you’re lucky enough to win the digital lottery, you can see Hamilton for $10 and sit in the front row.

So that’s one way is as lottery, then there’s rush seats. Then there’s a thing called pay. What you can, a lot of theaters will have a night during the week where they have a pay, what you pad and you can pay. If tickets are normally $60, you can pay. $10. You can pay $5. You could pay $1 and it’s a pay what you can night.

So I have all of those different kinds of things listed. Also of course, people, sometimes people like to usher. If you have kids for instance, and they’re in college or something, not only ushering get them into all the shows for free, but they’ll get to meet the people who are in the shows and you’re doing them.

And if they’re interested in a show, but his career, that’s another way. By the way you mentioned that the guy who invested in Hamilton made a lot of money. If you remember the movie Blair witch project, if you had invested a thousand dollars in Blair witch project, you would have made back $7 million.

Of course that’s not the norm, but that is an example of how people made it with a horror movie, horror movies and thrillers are very big for that. Yeah. A lot of very high risk like just like startups. It’s a very small chance of it blowing up, but when it does, it goes crazy. But I like the idea of magazines. You can get a lot of free magazines because that’s how magazines make revenues. So they can, they send out a lot of free magazines to people, so they can go to their advertisers and say, look at all the subscribers we have, even though they’re fake subscribers. Like buying an apartment in St.

It’s 95% occupied, yet half of the people are paying rent, like it’s just it’s you got to make sure who’s actually paying of course, but yeah, good good stuff to think about. That’s like how Vegas is, right? When you’re walking around the strip, they have all this like wholesalers and outlets.

Is that kinda what they’re doing? Or you got to go direct to that. Vegas, you have all kinds of touristy things going on and whatever, but Hey, so actually, if you’re going to bake this and you want to see a show. For discounts. They’ve got all kinds of discounts available for Vegas shows too. When I do mention that and how to live like a millionaire when you’re a million short, so never pay full price for Vegas shows.

Obviously if you’re a, if you’re a high roller, if you do well at the casino, they’ll give you free passes, but there’s ticket booths. All around Las Vegas to get you into shows for discounts or go online before you go there. And there’s all kinds of discounted tickets for Vegas.

And another thing is people like make this. There are bangs now on your phone. Not only do you get the games for free, but you can win money. And I just put on my phone, which is listening to music, you can make money and they say, you can make $600 a year. Just keeping your phone on this app.

And I keep it low because I don’t listen to the music the whole time, but listening to music, you can make money and there’s all kinds of games. But what they do is. When you’re watching the games, they give you surveys or they give you other things to join if you want, but people are winning money on them.

But again, it’s a question of, do you want this stuff on your phone and, or are you lucky? And a lot of this stuff, it takes a little time, but. For me personally, I enjoy getting a good deal, even though it takes a little time. But yeah. Another thing is, if you like to buy things online, which I am buying a lot of things online now they have these places like rocket dim.

Or capital one shopping or piggy. And all you do is you put it on like your Chrome, where you buy things. And I get a check every single month from Rakuten, from things I’ve already bought. I get rebates. So I’ll get a 20, 30, $40 check every month. And it’s from stuff that I just normally wanted to buy.

Yeah. I’m goofy where I’ll go to Nordstrom and then buy expensive like lunch. Cause it’s they got pretty good food there and drink and I’ll go in there, walk around and see what I want to buy. Look it up on the internet or go to Facebook marketplace and buy it there. So I don’t waste my money on, yeah, you don’t have to buy it there as Nordstrom actually matches price.

So if you find it somewhere else, but you start at Nordstrom. If you ask them they’ll match the price for you. We’re not going to match Facebook marketplace for half of what they match Amazon. And we also the same thing with best buy and staples whenever I go to best buy and staples, which is a lot because I buy all my supplies there.

I will never just go to the checkout and pay the price. I’ll always price match. And even if they say something is on sale, as it mean that it’s not cheaper somewhere else. So whether I’m buying a 30. Dollar toner or a $3,000 computer. I will price match it while I’m there. Or you could ask the clerk to price, match it.

And almost 90% of the time you can find it somewhere else cheaper and they will give you that price. Yeah, such an items for sure. Other things. You’ve got to be careful of probably maybe better to buy a new, but. I don’t know. I just liked the socket dude, Nordstrom. I don’t like those kinds of companies.

I think it’s a waste of money. I had a thousand dollar jacket and I saw it at Nordstrom and I loved it so much, but it was way too expensive. So two of my rules are the first one is make an ask of yourself. In my first role asked, so I asked the sales girl, is this going to go on sale?

And she said probably necessary. I said can you call me when it goes on sale? And the other one is make a friend. So I made friends with her and she would call me every couple of weeks and say, Oh, your jackets on sale, your packets on sale. And so I would say, Oh I have a hundred is still too much in 300, still too much.

So she called me when it went out to 200 and I went in there and I was trying it on and I said could you do any better? She went in the back. She said, I’m giving you the family and friends price, $149. And it was a thousand dollars back then at Nordstrom’s. So she used to call me every time they were like good sales and I want to go in.

And then about a couple months later I went and she was no longer working in the Aaron wondered. Did she get fired because she has good prices. That’s the next one here? Take a virtual tour of foreign countries. Yes. Of course. Because of the pandemic. A lot of us are not able to travel now.

And if you like to travel there’s all kinds of places that you can go actually from the comfort of your own living room. And you could take virtual tourists all around the world. You can see the seven wonders of the world. You can see museums, there’s all different rooms in the loop you can visit virtually out of can city.

Other museums in Mexico city in New Zealand and Australia. What I like to suggest, because we are all stuck at home is if you want to go to a particular place and it could be a place you’re going to go to later, or maybe a place you’d never ever get to, make a plan. Maybe if you take Italy, go to Italy for the day.

Not only do a virtual tour, but make food from Italy and make it a whole day for the family where you have, lasagna for lunch and maybe, and Italian stuff, fish for dinner and boat, all the cities and the. Museums and make it a day and you can learn a lot. The thing is there are also lots of those tours, so you learn a lot and also you don’t have to take the plane.

You don’t have to schlep all that time or spend the money and you can see all these wonderful places around the world that you might not even be able to get to. Once things open up again. Yeah, something along those lines is if you go to and you search for this, but there’s, they have virtual wine tastings at home.

It’s cool. You got to buy their pack, you just watch the video. There’s a famous one where you get the Bonanza, the conundrum, and then the moneymaker right there. It’s fun. If you’re into that, you don’t need to leave your house splurge a little bit on good wine and your house, not the spend 50 cents on every dollar you drive or travel costs.

So that’s another idea there. my thing is it’s not just about saving money, but it’s about enjoying your life. And just because we are in this situation, we still need to take time. And those moments too, and max, what that’s what I believe. And that’s what had a live like a millionaire when you a million short, does it tells you not only how to save money, but also how to Enjoy every moment of your life to the fullest.

Exactly. I’m going to, into your closet, come out with some cash. No, this is good for people stuck at home, right? Yeah. Or even if you’re not stuck at home, it’s good because, like a lot of it has happened. NGS that we haven’t worn in years. We’re talking about clothes and I’ll start with clothes.

I had like jewelry that people had given me, like when I was 12 years old and it was literally sitting in my closet for decades. So I took it out and there’s a place called real, And it’s a high level consignment shop. If you put something in an assignment shop or a jewelry shop in your neighborhood, you have to.

Depend on people in the neighborhoods to buy it, but on the real,, they. Publicize it to everyone around the world. So if you have find jewelry or you have designer clothes, the real, and they will either come to your place to get it, or you can do it all through the mail. Other places for things that might not be quite as upscale would be Poshmark or Etsy, you can sell things.

And even Facebook has a lot of marketplace groups where you can buy and sell things. Also, if you have. Of household items that you don’t Need you can go to offer up or next door com and sell them I go to the Emmy gifting suites every year, and I always get these fabulous gifts, a lot of which I don’t use.

So I had this beautiful gift box of. I have different types of honey and yesterday I sold it to somebody on I just put it up, Aaron. No, I’m not going to use it. I actually got three different packages. So I give some of them as gifts and some of them myself. So if you have good furniture and you want to try swap it out, this is called, but there’s all kinds of ways for you to not only make money, but also

to buy things. If you’re looking to get things for less. And the other thing there’s a group called I nothing and buying nothing is in your local area. And there’s people who were just giving things away and. Sometimes it’s like brand new things that they’re giving away and you don’t have to trade.

You don’t have to do anything. If things you have, or you can take things that other people are gifting. I got a brand new shirt for my boyfriend and it still had the price tag of $150 on it. Somebody was just giving it away. There’s also a lot of furniture. If people give away. I see during the pandemic, a lot of people are getting like big desks because they don’t have their offices anymore.

Or they’re giving dressers or all kinds of furniture, lamps. And I have a girlfriend, actually, you can, of course, paint furniture, fabric. I have a girlfriend who actually painted her sofa. Now. I never knew you could paint, but, and one way of course, to learn how to do all this. Stuff is to go to YouTube.

They have all these, do it, yourself, videos of how to do all kinds of things. At some furniture and make it look brand new and make it look special because you can do it so that you have this only one piece that you’ve created. Yeah. Here in Hawaii, we have like bulky pickup days. It’s when everybody puts their crap out on the street.

I’m excited. When I get my new cyber truck, I can go drive around in the middle of the day and pick up some cool stuff. But yeah, that’s maybe that’s too much information, but Hey, just wipe it down. Make sure it’s it’s virus free. Yeah, and then redo it. I once did a, I had an old chest of drawers and my roommate at the time, she was very creative and she took this fabric of different colors and sheet.

We put the fabric on the chest and it was so beautiful. People wanted to buy it from us for tons of money because it was so incredibly special. So there’s all kinds of things you can do. And I liked those other more co-signer websites. That way it’s a little bit more secure. I do have a story where we sell a lot of stuff on Facebook marketplace and I don’t know what I was selling, but it was like a Bose speaker when I was like a hundred or $200 ones.

And I just never used it. I bought it because I had a gift card and then somebody was like trolling me or something. They’re like, Oh, how’d you get it? I was like I don’t need it. And there, somebody was like, Oh, what are you selling it for? And what the heck do you think I’m selling this thing for?

And then there’s this big troll thread of other people. And I’m like, man, like just people have too much time wasting on social media. Yeah. Yeah. You can’t worry about the patrols. It’s somebody, I have books out. I have used these out and there’s always pros. There’s always.

Even who were jealous, who are going to knock you down. But I have also sold a lot of things on eBay. I’m not like a regular eBay seller, but if I’ve gotten things again from Emmy gifting suites that I don’t want and they’re worth a lot of money, so I’ll put them on eBay. And I’m embarrassed to say I got something from buy nothing, a beautiful pair of Marc Jacobs shoes.

And they were too big for me. So I put them back on my thing because I was going to get them, but nobody wanted them while I put them up on eBay. And the next day they were bought for money. Yeah. That’s how I started with this entrepreneur stuff. I would buy and sell a lot of things on eBay.

I would sell my video games. And I don’t know. Maybe if you guys got kids up there, make a deal with them. If they sell it, do all the work, take all the fees, take it to the post office. Give them like half of the cut. Oh yeah. There are people who did that, I used to have a girl who just sold stuff on.

He ban, I would take our, all my. Because that was much easier and I didn’t have to spend the time doing it. Then there are shops that do it too, but they tend to take bigger commissions, but yeah, you can find a friend or someone that, that does it. That’s the easiest way.

Yeah. My wife likes to do that. She likes to waste her time doing this stuff. So sell stuff for her friends. And I think the deal that she has is she takes a 10% cut, but she sends up wasting so much time. Yeah. 10%. I’ll send my stuff to her. I know. Yeah. It drives me crazy. Absolutely crazy.

But cool. Last one here. Get furniture, household items for free. I think we talked about this, but any other. Sites to go to try. Oh yeah. I can tell you for medical procedures or for prescriptions I’ve found sometimes that has lower prices and in copay, and if you go to good, that’s a good place for checking how much prescriptions would cost at different.

Pharmacies in your neighborhood and sometimes it’s even lower than the pasta with your copays. The other thing is like I went to a periodontist, my dentist had been telling me for years, I needed to have a periodontist appointment and he wanted to do gum flap surgery, which would mean cutting the gums and then grafting from the top of my mouth.

And he said, Oh, it only cost $10,000. And I said, it’s $10,000 and cutting my time. And should I make an appointment? So I said give me some time. And I went home and I thought, what would the author of this book too? And so I went online and I looked for alternative procedures to go to flap surgery.

And I found that there was an alternative called LANAP and there was no cutting, no pain, no recovery. And it was about half the cost of the other. But I went further. I found the place that was about 30 miles away from LA, where I live and they was called millennium dental, and they actually trained dentist and periodontist all over the country to switch to this procedure.

So it wasn’t. Students, but it was actual dentists and periodontists. Who’d been in practice for 10 or 20 years. And this company, they were looking for volunteers. So I went there and I got the LANAP. I had no pain, no cutting, no grafting and no $10,000. I got it free. And I got a girlfriend of mine and for free plus, we got our cleanings free for the next year.

So sometimes if somebody gives you a high price, even if it’s a medical or dental procedure, or if you don’t want to do, you can actually negotiate with some doctors and say I don’t want to pay that to you have to be cheaper. Or sometimes you can offer to if they’re putting a video when their website, you can make a deal.

I’ll let you video me for whenever I’ve looked for alternatives because for instance, rhinoplasty is another one nose job can cost like from 15 to $20,000, but you can get a. 15 minute nose, job that has no pain, no recovery and no surgery. You come out looking better and it’s like a thousand instead of 20,000.

So there’s different ways you can find whether it’s an elective procedure or something like at my periodontist where they said, you must get this and they don’t tell you about the other thing, because they personally don’t do it. And take the difference and go blow it on something else. A Vegas, right? Another thing I was thinking of I, yeah, I had a rock stuck in my tire for the longest time. So I took it to Mercedes and they said I needed a new like wheel or something or new tire. And if they’re going to charge me like several hundred bucks and I was like, are you kidding me?

So I just went to Les Schwab. Down in the shady part of town and they fixed it for I called them and they’re like, Oh, it’s going to be like 29, 99. But of course, when I get down there, they see it’s a freaking Mercedes and they charged me like 60 bucks. But Hey, lot cheaper than buying a brand new tire.

That’s just ridiculous. But of course everything we’re saying here is a little, you don’t be a bonehead. Some of these things like meeting random people on Facebook marketplace be safe about it. Absolutely. Another thing that when things open back up again, I another thing I talk about in my book, one of my favorite tips used to be how you can get a vacation at a four star resort in Spain for six nights for free.

And people would say, how can you do that? And there’s actually a in town that if you’re a native English speaking person, they have four different resorts outside of Madrid and they will host you for six nights with all accommodations, all meals, activities, and why they want you. There is they have Spanish business, people who want to practice their conversational English.

And so the resort hosts. People, whether it’s from England or the United States or South Africa or Australia, but any English speaking people, and all you have to do is enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner and activities and pop. And people say, like I say I don’t speak Spanish. And the thing is you’re not allowed to speak Spanish.

She could only speak English. And I have a couple of friends who went and they said it was the best vacation it ever had in their lives. And some people loved it so much that we go back 15 times. So that’s another thing when things open up that I highly recommend. Yes, that’s on that one actually sounds pretty fun.

I do have an experience of my own going and do the Groupon China tour. Which I thought was a complete waste of time. I’ll never do again, but yeah, on Groupon, which also by the way, also does they fill seats at concerts. I’ve done that a bunch of times, but so Groupon has these like international tours and I don’t know if different countries are like this, but I know China’s like this, you go on there and it’s they even pay your airfare.

And it’s like a couple of thousand dollars, but it’s like a five or 10 day trip. It’s all meals, it’s five star hotels, but there’s always the catch. And the catch is that you’re pretty much captive to these like tour buses and then take you to a couple of these boring factory tours where you’re forced to buy stuff and you’re not forced to, but you’re just a time suck.

Thank you to the glass Floyd museum. They take you to the needlework museum. They take you to this clay museum to all, to like by seven years and you’re captive. So it was funny. There was like 20 people in the tour and there’s always four people or 20% of the group there.

they realize what’s happening. And they’re like, screw this. We’re out of here. This Texas, the hotel. We’ll figure it out, but yeah. Be aware of the the Groupon China tour. I use Groupon a lot for restaurants and also for my hair and stuff, but yeah. I still use it.

Now, when all the restaurants in LA are closed, even for outdoor dining, they were open for a while, but okay. Group bonds and use them for takeout now, but group bonds, I tell people don’t even buy the group regularly. Wait, so cause they always have sales for 20% off or 10% discount. So I wait.

So the sales and then I at discounts on my discounts and there’s also That’s in, every year. City practically well, in the States, I don’t know whether it’s across the world, but there’s 18,000 restaurants where you can get restaurant Factom coupons. And so I use those too, but great restaurants I’ve used that before.

Like you said, you got to wait until the Groupon or the goes on sale, which happens. Most of the time, there’s always like a, I don’t know what it is. 35 or 50%. That’s the magic number, but yeah. Yeah. I wait for the restaurant coupons. Usually they’re like $10 for $25 certificate and they often go down to $5 or $4, but I’ll wait until they go down to $2 or $1 for $25 certificate.

And then I’ll on them at the restaurants that I like. So I’m getting a $25 certificate for a dollar. And then when you go, you have to spend 50. So you’re getting a, $50 meal for say 25, $26. So then it’s worth it. So I’ll one up you right there. You also run it through like Mr. or the Raku con. And they even will usually give you a 20% cash back on those. Coupons. So I’ve gotten it down to a dollar 40 cents for a $25 gift card. They pay you to go. I like it. I don’t do this anymore. Cause I think it starts to be a little waste of time and. Not all the restaurants are that great.

That’s why they’re on the damn thing in the first place. But yeah, like you would, I would buy them in like in 10 packs. You can buy them in five or 10 pounds. Here’s another thing too. There’s a couple of services. One is perfectly Frank and another one is I’m trying to remember the name of it, but they’ll actually pay you to go out to dinner or.

A restaurant club and what it is, you should have a mystery shopper. And I don’t do the mystery shopping thing where you have to go to a gas station or you have to go to target. But on the food ones, if you sign up for upscale restaurants, I have a girlfriend who’s been doing this for seven years and they’ll pay her to go to dinner at the peninsula hotel.

So they’ll pay for her dinner. And then she comes home and she goes out a questionnaire and then they’ll pay her like $60 or $200. Oh, she’s gotten to go to dinner with a friend at a big hotel or a fancy nightspot. So those are fun too. When things open up again, I got a question on that rush rushed thing.

Like my big beef with that is you actually had to go sit down and dine in which now you’re cutting into my T I M E D. Now with the whole pandemic, they allow you to take out now. Yes. Oh, I’m on this. Yeah. I guess it depends where you live in LA everything is closed for any kind of indoor or outdoor dining.

And they want you to take out because the restaurants are failing now. So yeah. I’m using them for for take out. Yeah. And it helps them get their churn, to get people in and out buying stuff. Yeah. I use them all the time. The other thing I do is I go to happy hours.

Cause this is like Ruth, Chris. A lot of expensive restaurants in your neighborhood. If you go to there for dinner, you have two people. It’ll cost you a hundred bucks, but if you go for happy hour, you still get the ambience and the food. And some of them have really nice. Appetizers are like Ruth, Chris has steak sandwiches, burgers and fries, lobster tacos things that are substantial and you can get out of there for $25 instead of, a hundred dollars a person.

Cool. Cool. Yeah, once you drop you out so people can find you and also make sure folks did check out marlon’s book on Amazon, how to live with a millionaire when you’re a million short,

a Oh, appreciate for coming on the podcast and like again, everybody be safe with this stuff. Don’t be a bonehead, but Yeah, hopefully you save some money and, take the money and put it right back into the economy somewhere else and have some fun. We’ll see you guys next time, but thanks so much

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