"Dude, you can't just rely on willpower. Need to create systems."
Lane Kawaoka
Industrial (Systems) Engineer

I have been to Tony Robbins twice and every time pretty much all 10,000 leave that arena on fire thinking they can do anything. They unleash the power within and normal life weighs them down. One major indicator of success is doing the right things time and time again.

I have also spend well over $100,000 on various non-traditional education which includes many seminars and masterminds. Everyone who joins those programs has the peer group and the ecosystem to make what they want come true but why do most (99-95%) fail? 

Systems and execution is the answer.

I can’t sit next to you everyday to help you execute. The best I can is jump on a private call with you on the Accelerator every two weeks but between that you are all on your own.

But I can help you create your systems and habits.

Jerry Seinfeld

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has a famous hack that you can learn more about here.

I urge you that while you are making your goals consider performance goals which are daily or weekly habits.

Remember that it typically takes more than 21 cycles to turn a habit into a long term baseline behavior.

Tips or suggestions to add to your habit list

  1. 2-minutes of ab exercises every day (my 2020 goal I am tracking on my $100 Daily Habit Board)
  2. Cold showers
  3. Intermittent fasting (something I have done since 2011 – and has sort of lost its positive effect?)
  4. Going to the gym 3 times a week
  5. Reading 20-min before bed
  6. Reviewing your goals nightly or in the morning
  7. A weekly date
  8. Watching TV (something bad) with running treadmill (something good) an example of pairing activities (or habit stacking)
  9.  Drink 2L of water
  10. Take you kids to school everyday (not in a rush)

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