Health Care Alternatives

One of the things that comes up when you start thinking about leaving the comforts of a W2 day job is what are you going to do for health insurance.

Personally, I think a day job keeps structure and should be held onto for as long as possible. See past speech and article.

Most people will cite that their medical insurance is the sole reason for staying. As we say do the math and the numbers don’t lie.

Here are some insurance programs that are a lot more affordable due to the minimize government fluff:

Medi-Share: The cost of medical sharing solves many problems. It replaces health insurance and satisfies tax rules so you avoid penalties. Used with the next two recommendations lowers the cost even more.

amino: A lot of companies are giving this service to help employees navigate fragmented insurance games. This service compares medical costs across the U.S. to help you make better health care decisions.

Take Command Health: Allows not w2 workers deduct most medical costs.