How a Near Death Experience Turn Your Life Around

Like you had empathy in the, he gave you empathy to see it from those people, the needy person’s eyes, or was it more, am I going to be I’m on earth for a little bit more? What it was this money? What else could this money be going for? So interesting being dead because you didn’t have anything physical.

You had you, there was that whole thing of you can’t take it with you became abundantly clear. I had no jewelry on nothing that was there except myself. And what I did on earth that I brought with me, which was the good that I did. I brought with me. So when I saw people, like I had this thing after being in a wheelchair for quite a while, I had this thing about being invisible.

When I was in a wheelchair, it was an awful feeling. So when I got out and I would see somebody. Particularly homeless people in a wheelchair. I would go out of my way to look in their eyes and I say hi, and just get the shock on their face. Oh dude, I’m not invisible anymore. Same thing that sounds like it’s like you have that higher level of empathy or you are aware a lot more aware of other people.

Yes. The sense that we’re all one, we’re all pieces of God. One person is not any more valuable than them. What you have is not as important as what you do. And that’s what really brings you joy. It just seems to me that money is a wonderful thing and it’s because you can use it to do things just to support it, or just only for myself just brings a hunger for more.

That’s when I found I still love my real estate, I love what it can do for people. I have a real empathy. Homeless my book. I didn’t get into it to make money. I knew I was sent back to write it to the book is more than just that one little. Three or four chapters about how it’s about my whole life and my family’s lives going way back, a couple of generations up till now and how we all struggle with things and we have to help one another.

And. I don’t know. I just feel like the homeless are the people that need the most help. So I’m an advocate that direction, any money I make, half of it goes into Tacoma and I’ve already given them a lot more than I’ll probably ever make, but it’s, it’s always worth it. .