How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

I think when we step back one of the taglines for final touches, how do you want to be remembered? And that’s not just thinking about some people take it to the morbid side of when I’m dead. Certainly they will all be remembered at that point in some manner. But how do you want to be remembered when you walk out of the room?

When you click in the meeting on your zoom call, when you got off the telephone or you’ve just finished that email, how do you want to be remembered? That’s really quite powerful. That takes a big picture approach to every single interaction that I have with someone, whether it’s going to be brief in passing, maybe at a networking event or on a zoom call where I just see a little face on a tile or it’s long and lasting.

Maybe it’s somebody that I really do work at. Setting up engagements and having other points of contact. How do I want to be remembered? And it doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or not. Actually, I used to be much more of an introvert than I am today. I would stand back and observe and watch people and it took practice.

All I had to do was learn some skills, practice those skills. And it became much easier. And once I understood the why does it really matter? Why does it really matter? What’s Hey, to all of us say what’s in it for me, but what’s in it for us in creating those connections. And for me, when I go into a networking event, I’m always looking reign for, do I really see others?

Because I think it’s easy for our brain to get focused on everything else that’s going on around us. All the distractions. Is my phone beeping at me or vibrating or is it not? And I’m concerned about that. Who’s in the room. Do I have the skill? I’m a little bit nervous stepping up and speaking up, but do I come fully prepared, fully present, fully ready to engage with the people that are there.

That’s important. And if I really do see others, and then I look for ways to connect with them. Virtually or in person, then I’m beginning to create those relationships that are going to enable me to find the clients that I’m looking for and find the people that I need to connect with because in business, everything is about those relationships.

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