How much money can I make Tradelining Credit Cards?

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How much money can I make during the straight line and stuff, that’s a combined factor of how much credit card limits you have, how old your card is. And basically, the longer the credit card is, ideally, you want to be above two to five years to get the highest price. And then the more credit limit you have, the better it is. So before you get started with, you know, sending your inventory over to the credit card authorized user brokers, I would try to call up your credit card companies and get that credit limit increase as much as you can. There’s a lot of techniques out there to do this. So you can Google it. I just trying to tell him I have a lot of income and a lot of business income to get that credit limit increase as much as I can. You know, every few years, every couple years, I try and get new cards so I can keep building the pipeline. A lot of times they won’t take these cards if it’s less than two years. So keep building the pipeline. A lot of these credit cards, you can cycle up to authorized users. And when you’re cycling on each authorized user for two months, then you can do the math, you can cycle these cards quite often. Some cards like Chase, I’d be very careful. They’re a lot more sensitive than the rest, of course, at this time of recording this as the case but these things can change. Again, that’s why I would really urge joining our Facebook group to be on the forefront of the latest happenings. This is the story part of the game playing. Then one day he went try to rent them out, and then he became one religion but still may

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