How the Rich Use Land Conservation Easements for Tax Deductions

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This is more for the accredited folks who make over two to $300,000 adjusted gross income per year but for everybody’s entertainment what our land conservation easements so then conservation easements are a tricky way of getting a tax write off by designating a land conservation easement, no development can go there in the future by doing this, it becomes sort of a taxable donation. So just like how you take a bag of old clothes out to the Salvation Army and you arbitrarily call that $500 like shovel do this around his golf courses, but the tricky thing is that they have the value of land but then they’ll mark up some kind of like fictitious development plan to basically get an appraised value of anywhere five to 10 times higher than what the land is actually worth. So what guys will do is though and invest or basically donate 50 grand and he goes on a taxable donation, but they get like a five to one pop on this stuff. So for me 50 grand, they donate they get 20 $50,000 of deductions before God, you know making more than 20 $50,000 a year that’s a lot of money at 50 cents of every dollar of tax savings.

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