How to Create a Zoom Account

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Here are the steps to create a Zoom account:

1. Go to the signup page and make an account using your email address.  It’s completely free for video chats up to 40 minutes long.

2. Activate your account.  You’ll receive a confirmation email in your email inbox.  Click the “Activate Account” button to get started.
3. This will take you to a screen where you can enter in your name and create a password.
4. You’ll be prompted to add your “colleagues” but can just invite your friends and family members.  If you don’t know their email addresses, you can skip this step.
5. Zoom generates a specific link just for you to give to people you want to invite to your call.  You can also join other’s Zoom meetings if they invite you by sending you a link.

6. Now that you have a Zoom account, you’ll need to install the software on your computer.  You only need to create an account and install the software once.  After that, you can use Zoom whenever you like!

If you’re installing Zoom on a Windows or Apple computer for the first time, follow these instructions:

1. To install the software, go to this link and select the device onto which you want to install Zoom:

2. As it installs, you’ll see the following screen.  Select “Save File”:

3. After this, you’ll see a progress bar as it installs:
4. Once installed, it will prompt you to enter your name:
5. You’ll then be in your Zoom meeting!  If you can’t see yourself on your screen, you may need to select “Start Video” in the lower left corner.

If you’re installing Zoom to an iPhone or Android for the first time, follow these instructions:

Download the app from the app store for your device:

Enter your name:
Click OK to every prompt so you give Zoom access to your camera.
Select Join with Video and then select Call using Internet Audio.  You’ll then be in the call and can invite the people you want to chat with.
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