How to Increase Tax Deductions on Single Family Homes

So DIY cost sag is a platform we developed after being in the industry since 2002 and doing well over 15,000 studies. And we saw a need in the market for smaller properties under a million dollars. And whether it’s a single family, residential, duplex, quad, or triplex. We cover those, or it might also be a dentist office or any other kind of commercial property under a million.

We actually go up to $3 million, but it’s a lower cost quicker alternative. So how that works is we’ve built a modeling system and we’ll model the property. So it’s a non inspection product. It takes essentially. Five or 10 minutes to input the data you put in your credit card and you get your results instantly.

So what happens with that is you’re done and you get your results. So it is going to air conservative. And because we’re not inspecting it, there’s been a lot of talk like on bigger pockets of your folks. That’s in the bigger pockets about these solutions. We have tremendous supporters and people that question it mostly competitors, but we provide audit protection.

So in the event you’re auditing, which is very rare. But if you are audited, we are going to send an engineer out there and do a full engineering study, which we do again, we’ve done well over 15,000 a year since 2002. So we will defend you fully so you’re protected, but it’s a quick and easy solution, whether it’s a one to four family with a discount code that you’ve got through here with lane, it is, uh, $640.

That’s a wonderful word and matter. What’s a single family or quad anything in between. And if it’s under a million dollars in five plus units, it’s 1200, $1,390. That includes the audit protection is one 95 it’s insurance policy. So basically. It works great. It’s a good solution for the right situation.

Certain, there are plenty of properties that are under a million or right in that borderline that justified the full asset detail that you’d get from a cost segregation study for a future abandonment and disposition and things that depending on your purpose with the property and what your plans are with it.

I talked to folks and say, this is your best option, or this is your best option. Are you looking to maximize your depreciation and do a lot more value add? Or are you just looking for quick deductions? And an answer here, but if you’re a real estate professional or not, sometimes that makes a difference.

How valuable are these tax deductions to you for an officer? And it also takes into account, like how long are you going to put onto the property? It’s just like a turnkey rental that you’re going to dump in three years to go to syndication deals. Maybe it doesn’t make sense, but if you’re costing out maybe a little bit.

Larger property, especially in California, maybe that might be just enough to get some tax savings, to save up more money and eventually go into deals and get cost segregations there, and then sell the properties and not have to do a 10 31 exchange as I don’t like at all. But you guys can go to again, civil pass, a state.

And then there’s the link there with the discount code SPC.

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