How to Lead a Fulfilling Life w/ Mariko Frederick

Hello, simple passive cashflow listeners. Today. We are talking to Merico Frederick, give me a little bit different today, a little bit more touchy, feely. I’m not too much of real estate or wealth building today, but we’re Rico does work with a lot of high end professionals, Olympic and professional athletes, CEOs of seven and eight figure businesses.

And she is a transformational speaker and performance coach. And she is founder and CEO, so pro priority and, that she would bring her on and kind of talk about some findings, with folks that are, you know, sort of listeners of this podcast and insights. but welcome. Merico. Thank you. Thank you for having me on today.

Yeah. So let’s get right into it. you know, you, you and I were kind of talking before and, you know, you, you work with a vast variety of high level performing folks. I would say the people that kind of listen to this podcast primarily are working professionals, but man, these guys are high performing folks making over a hundred, 200, 300,000 a year.

various level of white collar jobs or medical professionals. yeah, let’s talk about some of those, the findings from, you know, kind of those, that cohort. Sure. how can we go deeper into that? So Merico w you know, a lot of these people, they, they come to you. What is the first motivation that they’re feeling that kind of triggers them to find somebody like yourself?

Yeah, their finger on exactly what it is. So Merico, so a lot of people are coming to you for help getting unstuck. What are some of the motivations that maybe if somebody is listening right now that they’re feeling that kind of triggers a lot of your clients to find you in the first place? Sure. So most of my clients have a feeling inside.

They can’t put their finger on it, but they just know they’re meant for more. They feel like they have another purpose purpose. Most of my clients, very well financial we’ve done big things in their life. Still fight that or they’re meant to do. And so they, I love working them because that’s something I’m able to help them with is discover exactly what they’re meant to do before they leave this world.

Is there any, some kind of like a trigger, cause I know when people kind of find simple passive cash flow or they start to do that dive late into the evening on Google. How do I quit? My job it’s usually because of some big event. Is, is that some of your findings or is it just a general buildup over time?

I’d say there’s two types of people. So one type is they know they’re meant for more. And they’re really seeking me out to figure out what that is. I do a lot of work by referrals. the other is

they have accomplished so much in their life, but they feel unfulfilled. And so on the outside, when you look at their life, they have made, You know, very good money and they have accomplished things that not a lot of people in the world can say they’ve done. And yet still feel like quote, empty inside or they’ll come to me and say, I kind of fell dead inside and that’s not something they can talk about because on the outside, their life looks really great.

Now, what are some of the barriers for why someone would, you know, not kind of white knuckle it, or keep, keep moving forward? I mean, I think a lot of us have this mindset or at least I do that. Hey, life’s, life’s tough. Suck it up, you know? Yeah. And so a lot of those people have done that. They’ve gone through that part and that’s why they’re so successful is they did get through that.

They do have a really solid mindset around money, but what about the rest of their life? What about their legacy before they leave this world? Because once you have attained a certain amount of money, it’s like, okay, but what’s next? I have all this money. I have these accolades now, what do I do? How do I feel fulfilled?

How do I wake up in the morning and really feel happy with my success? No. I think a lot of barrier is, is for a lot of people, as you know, just time, you know, especially if they have a family, you know, to go spend some time when somebody’s kind of talking these issues out or not, they’re not really issues.

Right. They’re just, they’re kind of more barriers. And like, how would you say, like how, how does this kind of work into someone’s busy schedule? Oh my gosh. So great question. When we’re thinking about abundance. one of the things I learned when I died, well, I usually don’t say that I died because there is no death.

When I left this world, I’ll tell you I never more alive. but when I left this world, it realize there’s a lot that happens when you, when you leave this world. But one of the nuggets that I brought back was that we tend to and specific money cage. Oh, abundance is part of a creative energy. And so we, you know, if you’re really thinking I’m a little bit conscious, you can say, okay, money is created not.

when you think of music, poetry, that’s creative energy. And right now, especially during the pandemic, we’re not worried that we’re going to run out of music. We’re not worried that we’re going to run up, run out of poetry or artists, but we’re worried that we’re going to run out of money. And interesting money in my experience in, in, in death is that money, is it?

Same category? as abundance, abundant creative energy, right? So whether you’re creating music or creating money, it’s the same energy, it’s the same concept and we have access to it. And so just the way that it really has to do with your mind and your beliefs around. And so I would say that most people on the planet have some thinning belief.

Funny and that they either money has, it’s hard to earn. That’s a belief. It’s not a true one. Or money is hard to come by. And those are not true. And when you leave this world, you realize all that, right? And then it’s like, Oh my gosh. I was believing in, in, in, in lack. And so when I came back, I realized that abundance is literally all around us.

And so to answer your question, you really have to be tuned into it. You have to change mindset, you change your conversation about money from the moment you wake up moment and you go to bed. And just to give people a little bit context, you know, you kind of referring to, how you kind of your near death experience, Rica doesn’t really like to get into it, but for the most part, you know, she had, she had Lyme disease and, you know, kind of had this epiphany, kind of in, in, in the low period of that.

So, was that kind of epiphany kind of, came at to you at a certain point? Or was it, you know, did it take days to sort of. come together for you. Okay. Both. So when I came back during my death, I had what I call a download. It felt like I was being, first of all at my death, didn’t feel I’m sure I wasn’t.

So it happened at home. So I wasn’t connected to, you know, machinery at a hospital. but my husband will tell you it wasn’t very long, you know, may have been just a matter of minutes, but on my end it felt like I was there for 800 years. So for me it felt like I lived a whole lifetime there. so when I came back, I had gotten kind of what I call a download.

I’d gotten a lot of information to bring back and they told me it wasn’t my time. I had to go back and help people. So when I came back, I understood it, but I’ll bet it took me a good decade to unpack it and be able to understand it in a way that I was living it. Plus I went through a long term illness and so I understood it on one level, but how do I make it?

How do I live it? Right. That took a decade. Yeah. Would you say it was more, you needed to help people or was it that you needed to make a bigger impact or legacy in the world? Which of the. The two did it skew towards

Hm, legacy, definitely. I know that I’m here to impact a lot of people. I know that when I came back, I knew I was here to, to, to help millions of people around the world. Now that said, when you come back and you can’t even stand up or go to the bathroom on your own, I had to kind of, I had to kind of, I had to understand in a way that I was a time, which I needed to.

People I think because, because the big of what I was here to not moment coming back after the spread. Yeah. And I think, you know, most of the people I’ll have the nice, they’ll do free calls for, you know, new folks that we do a pipeline club. I mean, you guys can send up for that. It’s simple, passive

but I’m talking to a lot of people who are, you know, they’re kind of getting started on this journey and, you know, they’re, they’re kind of thinking about themselves first and I’m not saying that in a bad way. I’m just, they’re just trying to get themselves settled and get them, you know, it’s kind of like just getting back to baseline.

in your circumstance and, you know, I think at, at, at a certain point when money is really not an issue and, and you’re kind of just, you just kind of thinking about what’s bigger, what kind of impact you’re going to make kind of legacy you’re going to make. but it’s a face thing you can’t, you can’t, I don’t think you can just skip right to going to legacy.

I think you have to get yourself up the baseline. And put your own oxygen mask on first, but I mean, what’s your, what’s your opinion on that? Helping folks get, I mean, you’re right. It, yeah, it takes, it takes years to understand what that really is. And, you know, oftentimes people have more than one legacy, right.

So if you’ve been a professional athlete, that’s one legacy, but what’s after that. and so because we are unlimited, that’s the other thing we’re unlimited. So in our human. In this world, we feel very, we feel the limitations of, of this world, but when you leave it, you know, Oh, I was unlimited the entire time and I had no idea.

but what I would say as far as, as far as, how. We tend to be raised from, from children to think, what do you want to do when you grow up? What do you want to be when you grow up? And so I feel like culturally, we planning for middle age planning too. Cause when they say, what do you want to be when you grow up?

They’re really thinking that at least in my opinion, what do you want to be when you’re 30 or 40? Right. And not, who are you when you leave on your last breath? And I have a lot of my clients do this exercise of on your last breath. Who are you? Who were you? Who were you here to serve? You do that, right?

Because when we think of that, we think of the entire life. Then when we go back and we, these are the people that I know that I’m here to help that I know this is what I’m here to do, and it’s easier to go back and do that. Yeah. So I, I have a, Little business and life coach now. And we’ve kind of come to a point or they’ve kind of made me see that my big motivation is I’m a big ego guy.

I want to create big legacy and big impact. And I think about this all the time when I’m, you know, w we’ll we’ll bring on a new client, into the mastermind, they’ve got to pay some money to get into that group. And then I take that money and I. Put it right back into something, you know, I pay a virtual assistant to do something, or I buy some ad Facebook ad, you know, few thousand dollars of Facebook ads.

I’m like, where did all this money go? You know, like I did this to kind of be financially free, but the here I am just burning it up again, putting it right back in the business and then for what? Right. And. It’s kind of like, I kind of created that short circuit where it, well, you know, it’s for legacy it’s for impact it’s for doing something bigger and you know, I’ve got the basis covered today.

And I think the other thing that you’re doing, is you are creating a network of people. So in my world, I call it my tribe. Right. So the cost. Of doing business, the cost of being in your mastermind, the way I see it is that’s the cost of being with, with these greater minds. It’s the cost is the price of admission to get into a mastermind and be with people that are like minded, because the conversation that are going on in, in your mastermind is not what’s going on in the rest of the world.

And so you need to bring those people together to say, how can we talk about money, about abundance, about wealth. About legacy in a way that’s more of an expansive conversation. And so the cost is saying, okay, and the people that, that aren’t willing to pay that cost that entering that entrance fee are going to there they’ll have a different conversation somewhere else.

Right. And so it’s, I think it’s beautiful because people need to be around people who are abundant in order to become abundant. Right. And you know, all I know is like a few years back, I couldn’t stand just talking to regular folks at work about normal financial building stuff. Right, right. You go pass them.

Yeah. nothing wrong with that. I used to do that for a long time. Not at all, but I think if growth is good and we do past relationships, and I think that that’s a really difficult thing for people because they want to hold onto all the relationships. Meanwhile, they also won’t want to grow past it and they want to go into a next level with abundance, with wealth and with their legacy.

And so it’s a matter of how do I navigate that and keep relationships that are really dear to me and also allow myself to grow. And that’s where, you know, masterminds are really. A wonderful place for that to happen. So you’re working with a lot of high end clients. you know, a lot of people work in day jobs.

What are some of the findings of the things you work through with those folks? the Tiffany’s they have guilt big one. So in leaving women, they know, or you need to do a lot of times what stops them up. Could you repeat that? You cut it up. Which part, the whole thing. Yeah.

Guilt. I would say the biggest factors because when somebody says, okay, when we see, okay, this is the bigness, this is what you’re meant to do before this world, but that might involve leaving their job and that right. Like their job, but they feel sometimes guilty. Well, but my company needs me. What would they do without me?

Right. And so actually guilt is a big one and I usually will tell them, well, you know, that company doesn’t care the next day. If you laugh, They wouldn’t care about you, but that’s just me, but how do you kind of work through that? I mean, you know, people, people think that they have, you know, if they left tomorrow, the whole world would crumble.

I think what you do is you have to, into your next four, you get there. Meaning, you have to step into the mindset. You have to step into feeling that next level of who you are before you become it. So, so part of what I do is I help people become the person that they need to be in order to thing they’re meant to do.

Right. So that’s a big mindset shift, and there’s a lot of action around that, but you literally have to feel it before you do it. So you have to like. We really have to believe in. You have to believe in your dream. if it’s not something you’re passionate about, then don’t do it because there has

to be a drive, right? In order, in order to be willing to quit your job, you have to really love what you’re doing. Obviously. So, is it kind of like you have to know what kind of legacy you’re going to create before you kind of get off of this current, your current job or your current path? Is that a key part of it?

So you don’t have to know the specifics, but you kind of have to be able to feel what it is, right. If you have no idea what it is, there’s, there’s no reason to quit your job, but if you are specific about, this is what I’m here to do. and you are in the financial position to quit your job or B both have your job.

And then on the side, You’re working your business, you’re growing your business. It doesn’t all have to happen. and so that really just comes down to time management. What are you doing right now? You know, what are you doing next? What’s up on the possibility list? What could you do? But you don’t need to carry that with you.

And that’s something that also stops people up. We look at all the possibility, okay, this is, this is what I want to do. And it’s, you know, it’s this big thing in the world. You can’t carry that around with you all day. That idea there’s too many working parts in that idea. So you have to really use time management skills and say, what am I doing right now?

What’s what’s on my schedule next week. And then you create like this possibility list of like, okay, and these are all the things that I could do, but I don’t, I’m not doing it right now today. And then you take some of the things that you could do and chunking them down to where you’re getting. You’re sort of chipping away at them.

one conversation that came up a lot during our last, Hawaii mastermind was, you know, a lot of people are already on the path of investing. You know, they pulled all their retirement funds. They’ve got things deployed and good cash flowing assets. but they’re realizing like, wow, I’m gonna need to invest a lot more.

And this is not a get rich quick thing. And I’m like, yeah, man. But then it’s it’s then I’m like, yeah, you better get comfortable, comfortable, buddy. Like, it’s going to take awhile. but they don’t have, maybe they just haven’t spent the time to kind of figure out what is that bigger thing that they’re going to need to create, or maybe they don’t want to create.

Maybe they’re totally happy. You know, they’re happy at their current job and you know what, what’s kind of the advice for those types of folks. Yeah. So. Why you’re doing what you’re doing. Right. So I know, I know why I show up. I do. I know I I’m, I I’m doing this. Cause I don’t want anyone to die with an assignment on their life.

I don’t want any leave this world unfinished. Right. We don’t get to go time, but I don’t want anyone if I can help it to leave this world and go, Oh my gosh, I didn’t finish. I could have done this big thing, but I wasn’t, I didn’t, I just got stuck. No. And cause that’s, that’s a, that happens. And so I think for people that really.

No, you know, they, they really feel like they want to do something bigger. They need to know why is it the right, not going to be instant. And so your why is going to get you to the heart. Your why is going to be, you know, thing you give up and putting forward. And if you don’t know, well, I’ll give up. So you really have to have a strong sense of why am I doing this?

I guess like, you know, one thing I’m, I’m kind of saying here is, you know, and let’s just say you make 80 grand a year and you save a whole bunch of it and you, you, you like you travel the world and you know, you’re good, right. If you’re good, you’re good. And also if you’re making $500,000 a year and that’s really all you really want to do and not really, you know, take up a, a side gig or a business or create a huge legacy.

You know, nothing’s wrong with that too either? Well, I think sometimes the legacy is your family, right? The legacy doesn’t have to be big. The legacy could be literally being the most amazing parent you’ve ever been or friend. So that’s the other thing, right? We, we, we tend to believe that a legacy has to be this big thing.

And sometimes it’s very quiet. Sometimes it’s something that nobody else notices. Right. We have those people in our family that live literally we’re the glue to the entire family. And that’s C I think that’s beautiful. I think that’s a well lit, so it’s not just about making money and being abundant.

It’s well, abundance elevate, right? Abundance is friendships, family relationships. All of it. Right, right. I think a lot of people listen to these podcasts and, you know, they hear about, you know, doing these big things, but that’s not for everybody. I mean, it’s, we don’t want to shame anybody. It just, you know, kind of playing the role kind of, you know, making your own world better place.

Right. That’s I mean that honestly, if you don’t have that nailed down, then the big system is not going to fix it. It’s not going to fix it, right. You really have to be, be, and continue to become a person that you really are happy with. And so that’s some personal development, right? You gotta kind of look at yourself and say, am I a good person?

Am I, am I a good friend? Am I a good father? Am I a good mother? That does have to come first. Okay. Yeah, I think, I think I see in like, you know, the real estate, for example, people with like these thousands of units, they’re kind of weird people, in my opinion, they’re kind of kooky. I always tell my, my clients, you know, let’s figure out what your end game is, you know, define your end game and work towards that.

And then when you get it stop, you know, I, and I use the analogy of like, people are on a train or the subway, you know, people always get off before the end of the line. The only people that I won’t get off or the weirdos, the homeless people. And the people that don’t really like, they’re just weird.

They just stay to the end. And that’s kind of like the, you know, the people that keep, keep trying to achieve and do more and more, more, but for what no reason, I mean, I mean, it’s cool. And sometimes people just like to ride the train, ride the subway, but that only happens and you know, some romantic comedies, I guess, but.

Yeah. I mean, I D I S I see the downside with some of the people that keep going and going and going. Yeah. I feel like that’s all they have because they didn’t build a life as well. And that can be weird. Any last thoughts, to kind of part on, the listeners here, if you think we missed. Go for it. I think that that’s really a big message here is just go for it.

You know, big don’t leave anything on decide what playing big means to you. Right? So like we said, playing big could mean, scaling down on work and becoming parents playing big in, you know, launching a business and, and drown the entire. But you decide what big means to you and don’t leave it undone.

Well said, Mariko’s website is so You guys want to check her out and any other ways they get ahold of you, we’re gonna put up. Sure. I’m on, I’m on Instagram at spelled M a R I K O. and on Facebook, the Matico Frederick. All right. Well, thanks for listening everybody. We try to throw in one of these, You know, more life building type of less hardcore investing math science podcast once in a while, if you haven’t done.

So please check out the website. I’ve been doing a lot of upgrades Lot of ultimate guides like for taxes, trade lines, legal, all sorts of fun stuff. So, we haven’t connected please. let’s get on the phone. She meant email lane and civil, passive And we’ll see you guys next time.

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