How to Pick the Right Coach for You

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Transcription: Some people recommended one rule if you want to really go and roll up your sleeves and go find your own coach, a recommendation that was given to me is you always go off for referral, which is like, Oh, right, like that’s what we do with property managers, brokers, everybody, right, syndicators, it’s always offer for all and then they said, well try it out. You can do a few sessions with somebody another session with somebody else and just try it out, see how it works, because that coach may not jive with you, or you may really resonate with them. And another question I had was, well, does this person need to run a podcast and be in real estate and do the stuff I do? And the conclusion that I came up with, that you may or may not agree with is that no, they don’t need to know anything about what you do. They don’t even need to know what a rental property is. Their role is to apply a framework of getting results with you and keeping you accountable and calling you out on your BS. And if they can do that, they probably do 80 to 90% of what you’re looking to do.

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