How to Position Your Short-Term Rental

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So what are your thoughts on a lot of the law changes? I know in Hawaii, it’s very against this because pushing up a lot of the prices of just the normal local homeowners, what do you think on your fund in the Bay Area, and other places, you know, for example, Hawaii, you have to be a residence right to have a short term rental, that some of the ordinance that they came out with, you have to live there on the island. And in the Bay Area, they have laws for tourists, which is less than 30 days, they call those guys transia. And essentially go over 30 days to just doing regular month to month rentals. That’s another reason I position myself out there in the 30 days in longer because you’re really following landlord tenant laws, and those hardly ever change. And you can do a little bit of both, right? Absolutely. You ever seen an example of you drop these large rocks into a jar first and they fill it with sand? So that’s exactly what we do. You try to get these longer term stays in there and then you can use short stays to fill in the gaps.

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