How to Travel and NOT Be Broke

Just by leveraging the loyalty programs that are set by credit card companies or airline companies or hotel companies try to rent them out and for anybody who’s not familiar with travel hacking at all, it’s a way that you can get free travel or a lot of cashback if you want. Just by leveraging the loyalty programs that are set by credit card companies or airline companies or hotel companies. And if you’re not aware, there are dozens of different credit card options and different loyalty programs out there.

And it’s all about how to strategically approach the game so that you can meet the travel goals that you want. You can get the travel that you want for almost free, very close to next to no cost while just learning to play the game and plan strategically. Which I think a lot of people in your audience obviously do as they’re researching different real estate and different passive income opportunities.

Yeah and I think that people listening, they’re like myself optimizers and this whole travel hacking thing, you’re literally collecting points and then you have to figure out where that cash in those points at the highest value. It’s like a video game! It really is addicting. It can be a time suck. Maybe let’s start off with do you have a list here of some highest or biggest bang for your buck type of tactics? What’s at the top of your list?

It’s not just a game for how to use the points, but also even how to bring in those points and so my number one advice to people is I have a few. The first is the best travel hack is finding friends who can show you even more travel hacks, because so many people do it the very unoptimized way of I’m going to watch 14 hours of YouTube videos and read blogs.

But really if you just join a community, whether it’s on Instagram or a Facebook group or something, I host different Hangouts. If you just find somebody who’s already into this kind of thing, like you went to the frequent traveler university conference.

It speeds it up so much. If you can just ask your questions there. Secondly, if you’re like, I really just don’t want to interact with people. How do I do this quickly on my own? My advice is to work backwards. So some people will make the mistake of researching different cards and saying, I’m going to go get a Chase card and then an Amex card, and then a Citi card, a Hilton card, a Marriott card or United card.

And then I’m going to figure out what to do with all of those and that’s a really inefficient way to go about it. Instead, I would recommend start with the goal that you have in mind for free travel and work backwards from there. If you’re telling yourself, okay, I want a free trip to New York city and I currently live in Hawaii.

Here are the airlines that fly from Hawaii to New York city. I want to stay in this area of Manhattan. Here are the different hotels that are servicing in that area. Here’s how many points I would need to get that free flight and to get however many nights in the hotel for free. And then here are the credit cards that can earn me kinds of points that can actually be transferred correctly to that airline or that hotel.

Then it really narrows down how many things you actually have to research and figure out and how many points you need to get in the exact currency that you needed in, rather than just shooting all over the place in the dark. Makes some travel hacking friends and also work backwards to get to your goal faster.

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