Hui Deal Pipeline Club Buys Coffee Farms

Here is the deal…about a dozen people in the HUI are buying undeveloped coffee farm parcels at ~15k each.  We can get said discount by buying more as a group. If we buy 3 or more we get 400 dollars off each parcel and 6 or more 900 dollars off each parcel… It’s like Groupon for investing!

Personally, I am going to put this in my SD-HSA because this investment does not need any leverage on my end and therefore the best use of these funds.  Normal pricing is $18,000 for Producing parcels. I was personally going for the raw parcel because of advantages in the long term growing prospects with the initial planning methods not found in the producing parcels despite the lower initial cashflow.

Let me know if you are interested and join our Facebook event in the HUI as we buyers we discuss the investment together. Deadline to commit is May 30th!

HUI Buys Coffee

Can you spy the HUI investors kicking the dirt (hint: 10X Hat)? 
Why coffee and Panama and with International Coffee Farms?

Essentials – I have good conversations with people and it comes up again and again that the best investments are not the shiny tech start up or development deal or flip. Instead, it’s the boring cashflow investment with something that is essential. Just like the Class C/B SFH or MFH, farm investments are commodities. It makes so much sense… as all the Nouveau-rich amateurs are running around speculating, the sophisticated investors are quietly buying up these stable investments.

Ethics– Dave and his team strive for good returns and coffee but also put an emphasis on improving the work environment for his people. Spending a little bit more for better equipment and working conditions for the Panamanian workers may not make the coffee taste better or increase production but it is the right thing to do.

Engineering– Turns out Coffee production is a bit of a science and the team employs modern methods to growing coffee that outperforms local unsophisticated growers.

Check out the Farm Tour page for the next tour in beautiful Boquete!

Through International Coffee Farms you can own a parcel in your very own Specialty Coffee farm, in Panama Deeded 0.5 acre parcels professionally managed for you turnkey from $18,000 USD
“Sustainable Income Through Offshore Sustainable Agriculture”.

You will be able to find this information on both the International Coffee Farms website
Let me know if you are in by sending me an email at