Podcast#087 – Fundamentals – Interview with Dana Dunford -What amenities should I provide my rentals and new technologies.

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In this episode we discuss:

• Nest automates thermostats and one day in the near future is a good implementation in B rentals

• HVAC or dishwasher breaks and technology can alert you

• Technology good for B and A class

• Class B rentals are having Amazon lockers and these Nest thermostats

• Know your avatar

• At one time backsplash in kitchens was unheard of and now its a cheap fix

• What is standard in the market? Dishwashers, garage doors, laundry price, etc..

• Zillow gives good filters for amenities like washer and dryers

• Ask your property management what is standard

• SFH’s should have the tenant paying the utilities

• RUBS is Reimbursement Utility Billing System

• Skeptic on keyless entry soon but good for short term rentals

• A lot of new hardware and software coming but lets try it out at our own homes first yea 😁

• Use the technology in your rentals for tracking and monitoring

• Don’t have personal relationships with your tenants

• Property manager’s are the most critical people on your team and go off referrals

• Yelp is just angry vendors writing bad reviews for each other

• I look for the negative reviews as a good thing because they don’t want to cave in to resident requests

• A nest thermostat or Thanksgiving turkey might be a good gift to bait a longer contract

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