Is Gold a Good Investment?

But what’s the real play here, especially for guys who have less than a million dollars net worth. So people who are buying gold right now or buying it as an alternative to having something liquid that hedges against $1 collapse, right. 

That’s why people own gold, but you can’t gain purchasing power with gold, you only retain it which is worth doing. But when you pair gold with debt, now that’s different. 

Let’s say for example, I go pull a couple hundred thousand dollars out of a piece of real estate and I take half of it, I put it into gold, and then the gold doubles in dollar price because of inflation. Now my gold will pay off all my debt and so the debt and the dollar go together. 

And the problem with going into debt to buy gold is you have to make the payments unless the thing that you go into debt with provides the payments then when you pair gold with debt, and real estate, now you have a chance to outperform in an environment where the dollar is falling. 

And so that to me is the way to play this game right now because all of the pressure to support the entire global economy is landing squarely on the dollar.

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