July 2020 Market Update Investor – Investor Letter #15



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Introducing the new remote investor, incubator and ecourse we had the mastermind and we are going to break off from that being mostly an accredited investor group. And I wanted to create something that was helping out the little guy get started guys getting their first properties. And we’re calling this the incubator group. Get More details at simple passive cash flow, comm slash incubator, but basically what we’re doing here is we’re getting a group of professionals looking to build your network with others starting this journey to financial freedom, the ecourse that’s going to company this group is going to have eight modules in a closed membership site plus two bonus modules and download kit all geared toward educating the remote investor in this group. We’re going to have biweekly zoom video calls and if you join up, you’re going to get all past turnkey rental recordings. Now these calls are designed to ask whatever questions you have and hear the other questions from other investors in your shoes. And we’re going to run this like a bootcamp style. This is going to be five month program, we’re going to walk you through the best practices for tax and legal as you acquire your first remote rental. We’re even walk you through the due diligence and offer process we’re going to have staff membership coordinators for extra support to get you over the sticking points and to connect you with the right people in the group. Even if you’re shy. One of the biggest reasons for join is access to our ever changing Rolodex of top turnkey companies, brokers, property managers, insurance companies. Hey guys, we’re basically spoon feeding this to you if you’ve been on the fence and it’s time to get your first rental property go to simple passive cash flow calm slash incubator and by the way, for those accredited investors, we are looking for new members go to simple passive cash flow comm slash journey

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and join the flagship simple passive cash flow mastermind there. After the pandemic to new world out there having a network around you is so much more important. shoot me an email Lane at simple passive cash flow if you’re unsure if the incubator or if the credited mastermind group is for you, but let’s get you connected Other people and don’t go it alone. Hey everybody, this is the July 2020 monthly market update, where we go over the latest headlines and I add in my commentary on what’s been going on in the world of real estate and the macro markets. You guys can check out past episodes at simple passive cash flow calm slash investor letter. But let’s start with the giveaway real quick for everybody. I call these the easter egg. You guys can get access to the COVID-19 response folder and I’ve been kind of adding things to this over the past few months in there you’ll get the Small Business Administration loan docs, sample landlord repayment agreements so that you can make deals with your tenants small business owner guidelines and great medical paper done by University of Hawaii while on COVID-19. Get all that and more by texting the world symbol 23146651767 and also Introducing the new incubator group for newer investors looking to get their first few remote rental properties or turnkey properties, we pretty much guide you through the process. And we put the group around you that’s doing the same thing so you can build your peer group network. Learn more about that at simple passive cash flow, comm slash incubator, and we are also doing an August 1 full day workshop. We’re doing it virtually since you know, we’re kind of coming out of the pandemic here. Some people are still afraid of going out in public so you guys can join in. It’s about from 9:30am to 3:30pm Pacific. You could check this out by going to all our events section at simple passive cash flow calm slash events. If you guys haven’t met me before, my name is Lane Kawaoka prefer still got my professional engineering license, and I have a podcast it’s simple passive cash flow calm and on Spotify, Google Play YouTube, all of the such if you’re not part of our community Check us out on Facebook, great group on there. And I also have a local group here in Hawaii. But let’s start with a couple teaching points. So here’s a little table that I found outlining why all we do passive investing and not wholesaling or flipping. And this is why I love house slippers because they all pay my taxes for me, they definitely pay their fair share of the taxes here. So on the left side, you see some of the the taxes that are put forth for rental buy and hold investors, how you can get around the self employment tax which is can be up to 15%. And how you don’t have any depreciation with wholesaling flipping, no bonus depreciation there, you know, we’re writing off almost a third of the building in year one, which can be huge tax write off negative k ones. You learn more about that it’s simple passive cash flow, calm slash cost, say CLS t SDG and second teaching point here. This is the difference between the idle and the PPP loan, I am currently applying for this, see what I’m getting, I think I’m gonna be able to get a 3.75 fixed interest rate with a 30 year term, but I don’t think I need it, you know, I mean if there’s no really sense of taking on that if you don’t need it, so I just kind of did it for the process and kind of let you guys know all about it. And so here’s a little table. Again, if you guys are catching this up on the podcast version, we also put this on the YouTube channel. As you can probably just google simple passive cash flow on YouTube and you can find our channel a lot of cool stuff on there a lot of things that aren’t don’t find the way to the podcasts or the website or put up on the YouTube channel. Because apparently that’s how people find things to say the least that’s how I learned a lot of my stuff these past few years just googling it and YouTube in here, we get into it. I’m going to kind of go through this pretty rapidly. A lot of news, but yeah, let’s kind of start off with the big elephant in the room which is still Coronavirus. This is a article about been checking that’s done by the New York Times, which is the Coronavirus vaccine tracker. And they update this pretty frequently. And they actually have one approved vaccine approved for limited use now before the last time I checked this last month, they had a bunch in phase three and phase two, but nothing approved. So, you know, good news moving forward. I think Fauci was kind of alluding to something like this coming on the way I I kind of looked at it the way his commentary went, but a good news. I mean, we’re getting there. And I think it’s happening a lot faster. And I hear of all all, all kinds of investing, and venture capital, this government funding going to folks expediting this tech scene, one of the big news for those still picking up single family home rentals, or loans in their own name. You know, I think a lot of us are kind of getting on the bandwagon of being more of a passive LP investor, where the nice thing is you don’t need to get the bone in your own name. That’s sponsors are for to kind of Get the net debt in their name and to run the deal. But if you’re still, you know, picking up deals on your own and getting those Fannie Mae Freddie Mac loans which you get 10 years in your name 10 in your spouse’s name, it looks like they’re saying that the debt to income requirements are going away as a qualification criteria. So if you have been falling out lately, debt to income ratio, I mean, there’s a few ways to get there. I really don’t know how to calculate exactly but it’s taking a ratio between how much your debt payments are every month and then how much you’re able to income you’re having. This is going away and I know some guys who have large mortgages because they live in places like Hawaii or California where you really shouldn’t be buying a primary residence in my opinion, you guys can check out my commentary on that at simple passive cash flow, calm slash home, very controversial topic. So I’ll let that go for now, especially for the younger folks out there trying to build their net worth over a million dollars, I would say stay away from home ownership. Use your money to invest your debt to income ratios was really bad because you have this large house that has a big debt payment but very doesn’t bring any income. I mean, that there should tell you right there that it’s not a good thing for your balance sheet. But apparently this dti requirement is going away. And of course, the comments that happen on our Facebook pages are different places or you know, the world is ending, you know that it’s the return of the Ninja loans. I don’t think that that’s the case, these lending standards loosen up very slowly. And this has been happening over the past five years. I’ve been tracking it very closely. And I’m not getting too excited about this, but it’s just a general movement towards opening things up. And this is just a different way of stimulating the economy as opposed to lowering rates. A little report for you, those of you guys living in Southern California, Los Angeles multifamily market is not doing too well. Listen. And a month after California Shelter in Place Order went into effect. La multifamily data started showing early signs of headwinds, the average rent collected by 10 basis points or contracted by 10 basis points on a three month basis as of March. So if you guys are looking on the YouTube, you guys are seeing the charts up there. Yeah, not looking good. And this is why I don’t invest in primary markets like California in first place, invest for cash flow. The next headline we’re talking about the stimulus for is here, the House of Representatives passed the moving Florida act. I don’t know how they keep coming up with these cool names. So it’s an infrastructure we’re building plan. More than 2300 pages if you guys would like to read it all this explaining exact detail how the $1.2 trillion is being spent. Wedding encompasses all types of infrastructures such as air, air, rail highways, bridges, transit systems, alternatives. Your automobiles, broad, broad brand and all types of energy schools housing, water. Now, when I was still in corporate America, I was spending the 2008 stimulus funds, which seems very similar to this. That was the High Speed Rail back then. And I’ll tell you the money doesn’t really find its way into the system into many, many years later. I’ll be as far as 2012 to 2014. So what is that three, four years later? So, but it’s still saying should that act pass the Senate, which is unlikely based on the comments from the Senate leadership, and those of you guys who are not aware the house controls is controlled by the Democrats, that senate is controlled by the republicans and a lot of heavy spending acts just don’t make it through the Republicans. But some of the highlights, I mean, not saying that it’s going to it’s going to be like this exactly, but this is the trend right and this is how you can kind of see where the puck is moving towards like Wayne Gretzky says. So The same new markets tax credit, national funding would increase to 7 billion from 5 billion the rehabilitation tax credit application percentage, which increased to 30%. This is the one I’m excited about the renewable energy production credit will be extended through 2026 instead of 2021. We don’t know if that means your solar panel cells will be still getting you that credit. But um, you know, that’s the way they’re pushing and think how this impacts a lot of us especially in the mass, right, we talk about, you know, how to mitigate our taxes a lot. You know, one of the big ways obviously is you know, bonus depreciation by going into good deals that do cost segues, that’s number one. But for those with a active w two income, and don’t have the real estate professional status, their only options are land conservation easements, and oil and gas deals to also active w two income now, you know, I don’t really want to go into details on that. But you know, like the land conservation easement rents are becoming much, much more controversial and oil and gas kind of sucks these days, right? I mean, if you’ve been watching the news, well, you went like negative on the futures or something like that. So the only third waves, you know, these solar energy credits and but 510 years ago, there was this big thing where you could spend money frivolously why I don’t want to see that word. But people were basically using this as a loophole to get write off on taxes. And this looks like potentially one coming so I would be on the lookout for this to Procter and Gamble sells their headquarters in San Francisco and moves across the beta Oakland, which is a trend towards moving to less priced areas. On CBR. He came out with a great Report. Here are some of their findings turnover, which is defined as the percentage of total rented units not renewed each year. I repeat that again because it took me a few times to really grasp it. So turnover is The percentage of total rented units not renewed each year fell from 47.5% in 2009 to 42.1%. April, the lowest level in 20 years, the decline in turnover has has accelerated due to fewer tenants moving because of COVID-19 economic downturn, turnover up rises each spring, but declined this year due to lockout mandates and economic concerns. So the way this really plays out, I can say like, you know, through our across our 3500 unit portfolio, right as landlords you’re kind of I was a little stressed out, you know, April May collections. Obviously, they turned out fine. I’m more than impressed what happened and I’m even more like bullish on multifamily workforce housing, right, because I think we saw the strength through a pandemic, but what they’re saying is, you know, people weren’t moving out because people were shocked at literally sheltering in place and they weren’t looking for a new place to say and landlords and in US included you know, we’re very accommodating towards people you know, but I think turnover should probably pick up here is south and west regions typically typically have higher turnover rates by and by property type Class A assets typically have higher turnover rates. So people have been asking, you know, after the pandemic, what are some changes that are going to be designed into houses and apartment? Now I don’t know if this is the case. I think this is just an article made to satisfy a consumer reader need but this article is design changes for life changes created by john burns group, first thing that they’re citing is you know, people are going to work from home so flex spaces that can accommodate the home officer for like Nokes are going to be kind of popping up or they they won’t I don’t you know, I don’t know, who knows in like six months, maybe everybody’s forgotten about this endemic thing. I can tell you maybe like six months ago everybody was sort of freaking out about, you know, workplace or school shootings and they’re saying things like, oh, they’re gonna they’re gonna design all these buildings with curved hallways and bullets. It’s hard to kind of shoot people if you have curved hallways and obviously now nobody cares about that stuff. It’s just times of change and you will have forgotten people forget very quickly. But anyway, getting back to the article here so there’ll be also changes in the kitchen design, the fewer people are going to want the great big open rooms that the to include the kitchen with more now one in the kitchen to return to having some separation to hide the smells, mess and noise, grow garage configurations. Now that families will not be able to have fewer cars per person opening up the garage to multiple configurations. Front Entry, the public entry will still need great street appeal and allow for secure package drop off and I guess, you know, Uber Eats or Postmates But the festival also need better drops on air for shoes, packages, leashes, etc. These are called mud rooms will migrate from colder climates to provide a buffer between the outside and inside. Another thing that’s emerging is home management centers. So this is where all the technology is stored, like the Wi Fi and all the other appliance tech items. You know, think of like your your battery for your your Tesla home battery system, you have solar power cells, some people will say the laundry room will kind of hold this type of stuff. And then as far as bedrooms for space efficiency of the guests back bedroom and their home office will likely be the same space for many families. For more other families. They would prefer a small bedroom for sleeping only with the square footage devoted to other spaces, so others will want a larger bedroom that will accommodate even more uses, including TV and watching and this has been happening the last 2030 years where previous Yes, the larger bedrooms but now the bedrooms are smaller and then the square footage is being transferred to living areas.

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If you’ve been following my

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journey I’ve been selling my initial real property and transitioning into syndication deals lately for more purely passive investment strategy. One critical part of my portfolio is the American Home preservation fund, or what folks in the we call HP for short. George Newbery once apartment owner, operator and mentor to me, is now sponsoring the podcast is private fun, which by the way, also accepts non accredited investors cuts the middlemen out and allows you to invest directly with him to fight the mortgage crisis in America. join him by purchasing distressed mortgages while getting a double digit annual return paid monthly. Find something else better out there. Well, let me know. Feel good knowing that you’re helping families stay in their home after buying their underwater note at a huge discount. Invest as low as $100 by going to HP servicing comm slash investors and if you want the free bernsen book, please send me an email Lane at simple passive cash flow calm.

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this article came from Wall Street calm sort of alternative news source but very great, great insight. So they have on the left side here the cities with the biggest percent increases in one bedroom rents. Number one was Cleveland, Ohio of a year over year change of 16%. Indianapolis was next, Columbus, Ohio, Rochester, New York, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Ohio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and St. Louis, Missouri, rounded out the top eight, a lot of Ohio this there. And then on the right side here the 17 most expensive us rental markets, who you don’t want to live in to San Francisco, California, New York and Boston, San Jose, Oakland are the top five in there also la Seattle, San Diego, Santa Ana, Honolulu, Hawaii and number 12. And then but the important thing is important things that I want to point out are the big movers are San Francisco number one cent San Jose number four, the most expensive ones. They almost drop off San Francisco drop 11.8% median asking rents from a year ago in San Jose dropped 8%. Now this is something I’ve been hearing just from my buddy’s living in the Bay Area that rents are dropping and this supports that entirely. You can see number five there Oakland, California went up four and a half percent even though it’s in the Bay Area, but it looks like there’s a lot of people are just running away from the San Jose’s and San Francisco to go to Oakland and you know, that was the last article we just talked about right Procter and Gamble moving headquarters from San Francisco to Oakland. I get to go wanna stay wars are pretty feeling pretty dumb right now moving from Oakland to San Francisco, but I’m sure they have the money. I think that’s all that’s all been syndicated and their model building the equity for that Golden State Warriors with all syndicated by big, passive investors. So that was interesting. I found that out when you know, I think there’s like that one guy who kind of pushed one of the players during the Toronto Raptors game and then they said he was like one of the passive investors in the deal. But john burns comes out with this summary image for the U haul report. And the U haul report is something we we love to watch this because the U haul report captures where the trucks are moving in one way trips. We like the U haul report over the fan line report because the U haul report is sort of the budget way of moving and as workforce housing Class B and C no regular blue collar folks or folks like myself who are cheap. This is how you Move your butt over to the next place you’re going to live. And then you hopefully have some beer and pizza for your buddies to help you. So the places that they’re moving towards the places all in red are in the Bay Area in Southern California. And the green dots are Seattle, Portland, all pretty much all Texas, a lot of Florida a lot in the south southeast. And they are moving away from getting the California’s and I think believe that Chicago and all the Northeast, it’s all right up there. Thumper came up with a lot of great data here on where bedroom rents for tracking some of the big takeaways here when we kind of talked about this, but again, yeah, I mean, declines in your your kind of more big city areas. Of course, as an investor, you’re always looking at the sub market. You know, for example, if you’re investing in, you know, like Dallas, right, I mean, Dallas is made up of a couple of dozen sub markets, so you can’t just frankly Look at Dallas for data. Great place to start, but you got to dig in. That is if you’re more sophisticated investor. If you’re not well, you should probably just passively invest because this probably ain’t the game for you. I’ve caught on got screenshots of all the data here. So if you guys want to check this out on the YouTube channel, you guys can check it out there. But I also put this all my our Facebook group and then if you guys want to find me on Instagram, I’ll usually post it on there. If you guys are first time homebuyers and rental property owners, don’t do it alone. Make sure you join us on August 1 for the full day workshop, you there’s a URL to register. It’s a little bit hard to remember but you can find it by just going to simple passive cash flow comm slash events. Also having a afterparty in Honolulu, if you guys can make that and, you know, people are always asking, you know, like they’re getting confused by all these masterminds and groups. We have kind of two programs that we the flagship Group is the mastermind and accelerator which is you guys can find information at simple passive cash flow calm slash journey. Now, this one’s sort of becoming the accredited investor Group, a lot of people are, you know, they they’ve had a little bit experience with single family homes but they just want to invest as a passive investor and want to build their network with other credit investors and learn how to get syndication deals, whereas the incubator group is more of a way to get your first rental property get your feet wet, especially if you’re a non accredited investor. And there’s gonna be probably a lot more hand holding and granular level tactics and steps to follow in this group that will help people and this is kind of my my way to kind of help people get started. I mean, when I got started, there was really nothing I had to kind of fumble through it myself and I got lucky I work with the right people. The moving on on the monthly report or real page reports as apartment demand rebounds, rent cuts disappear in most market. So there’s a nice little chart kind of showing the actions From March, April, May June, on new lease volume has changed and the executing new lease Oh, this is kind of funny slide. Well, it’s not it’s a bunch of bankruptcies but so chapter 11 bankruptcy for 24 Hour Fitness you know you I think you’ve been hearing that these guys weren’t doing too well and I think the COVID-19 and all the negative laws against you know, do you need to wear a face mask or disinfect and they just couldn’t stand business. So they’re closing 132 locations 41 in California and 26 in Texas, and then about a week later GNC files for chapter 11 bankruptcy plans to close 1200 stores. Now I don’t know that those two are related. Probably not. That’s just a kind of a bad joke, but also at&t to close 250 at&t mobility and Cricket Wireless stores, too. That’s pretty much the end of the monthly report. Usually we try and end with something I guess that was the joke. That was the joke guys, you know, 24 Hour Fitness closes, therefore people can’t get their supplements. Well, they don’t need their supplements anymore, apparently. But now I’m going to roll into my personal report what I’ve been kind of up to this last month and I split them up into six sections based on the Tony Robbins six needs. And this is the way I check myself every month that I am scoring points where it counts, because if not, what is the point? The first category here is kind of how did I get growth? How am I working on something getting better? So we closed 140 unit Class A apartment in Lake Dallas. It took forever to close this deal because it was a HUD loan. So HUD loans are probably a higher level on the Fannie and Freddie loans. There. We had a 35 and a half year amortization period. When you add it up with the other loans. It was like a 2.9% interest rate. So pretty amazing. And this was a class asset. So something I don’t really have to worry about and through pandemic, yeah, this thing cash flows. Number two contribution. How did I leave the world a little better place? Well, this is the incubator group. And this is the group for those looking to pick up their first few rental properties. I wanted to find a way to fight back against the evil real estate empires out there that will trick people to come to these conferences, teach them how to raise their lines on their credit cards, and kind of swindle them into crappy real estate education that really everything can be found there on the internet, including my own and charges guys like 20, Grand 30, Grand 40, some even 50 or $100,000. With after it’s all said and done with all the upsells. Now financial freedom is not for everybody, but you know, for those willing to put in the work. I think that You know, it can be attainable by everybody, especially for those, you know, hard working guys and gals in, you know, corporate America. You know, a lot of our folks are hard working doctors, lawyers, engineers, I see no reason why you can’t get financially free in less than 10 years if you’re able to save at least $30,000 from your day job. So, if you guys are new to the group, check out the incubator group. We are starting the next group on August 18 or August 15. So if you haven’t, this is an application only. So check that out simple passive cash flow comm slash incubator number three significant so I found this little meme out here says little Wolf, leading the pack and this is the way I’ve kind of found significance for the stuff I do. This is why I work 12 hours a day even though I don’t need to. It’s because a lot of people out there they read, listen to a podcast or to read a few books and get this idea There’s something better than just going to their work every day. And Little do they know well most people don’t realize how much they’re getting screwed over by mutual funds were taking about a third of their profits whether or not the price of the stock goes up or down. And for those who do realize this, they start to come into this world of real estate investing but you need the people and you need the insight and and the stuff that I do is not really that hard is at least what I think. I mean, it’s just stuff I picked up along the way and it’s not too hard to kind of just help people along the way give back and know that’s what the incubator group is and this is why I feel special, I guess. The hot it I have a little uncertainty in this time. So of course the whole Corona virus thing has been a stressful thing for myself and everybody. I, you know, oh, here’s the Coronavirus tracker and I had a screenshot of last month’s where they were at you can see how much things have changed over the past month in terms of where the vaccines Are you know will it be a V shaped checkbox U shaped L shape? correction? Well, nobody knows. Um, but you know, I, from my perspective, I don’t really care because

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here’s everybody’s most for the most part paying at places I I’m investing in and, you know, I know a lot of times this is just a storm if you can get out, he can survive through it will be stronger at the end. And it’s the people who are investing in things like hotel investments or short term rentals, Airbnb stuff, or Yep, you know, those, those kind of sexy boutique, the luxury type of developments, you know, those are people getting killed right now. And this is just a fat cutting time. For my opinion. This is where the workforce housing shines the best. How do I get some certainty this month? Yeah, I’ve been the trade lines have been chugging along. I mean, I think I make I make probably like 100 or 200 bucks every week or two by two In this, I know I’m up to like $11,000 total doing this, if you guys haven’t heard of trade, what the heck trade lines are. So you can add somebody to your credit card as an authorized user. It sounds a little crazy. But look, I mean, I’ve done my risk analysis. And to me, I think it’s a good amount of risk, I have found ways to safeguard myself by putting alerts on the credit cards, actually not even activating the credit cards. And then making a nice little side change on the side. And I think a lot of people like this because you just get a notification on your phone that you sold a trade line that might be 100 or $300. And it’s like, it’s easy money. And, you know, I’ve heard somebody said that, you know, when that $200 trade line gets sold, they take 100 bucks and they give 50 bucks each to their kids. And everybody’s having an awesome day that day. So you guys can read more about that simple passive cash flow calm, straight line. And last but not least, how did I get a little love and connection this month? Well, I went on a trip, I actually left Hawaii amongst the pandemic and I went to Huntsville. There we are on the left filming some apartment tours, some of the assets we own down there. And we went to Dallas met a lot of you guys out there. I think there are like 25 folks that came out. Unfortunately, we all couldn’t take a tour because there were some restrictions on how many people could visit but we all got to meet a lot of you guys in person. That was cool. And then you know, went up to Cleveland checked out the the Rockefeller and all these cool places got to spend time with the wife and that’s it’s all about go and travel Onix business expenses to some new podcasts and articles I put out this past month people really liked the David McElhaney Cast they were recorded before the pandemic all happen. But a great commentary from a different perspective. I’ve been kind of falling more family office, and more industry type of influencers. To me a lot of podcasts these days are just done by guys who, you know, want to syndicate stuff or really have no experience doing what they’re doing. So I’ve kind of frankly stopped listening to podcasts you pay for what you get. And it doesn’t take much to do podcasts. I can do on number two legacy. So this is a cool, there’s a little download with this one. So if you go to simple passive cash flow, calm slash legacy, there’s a net worth tracker on there, but a whole bunch of ideas, especially for those of you guys building your estate trusts, which, you know, we try and help folks in our passive investor accelerator for the accredited guys, or a lot of that is you know, just little ideas. You have that you have From your network number three, the cons of the birds, I’m really not a fan of the birds. You know, it’s all the kids doing it, which is great. If you don’t have a net worth of at least half a million dollars, you got to take some risks. Number four, why would you do a bridge loan and apartment syndication? There was a I did a video on bridge loans. Number five, I had Benjamin hardy who wrote willpower doesn’t work. And then he has his personality isn’t permanent, which he actually sent to me a couple of weeks ago. So that was kind of cool. Great. I think that was a pretty good podcast. I mean, I’ve been doing a little bit more like, like a donor lifestyle podcast here and there. Because let’s face it, like you know, once you’ve listened to 100, something podcasts a simple passive cash flow. There’s not much to this passive investing thing. And I mean, it’s more about enriching your life.

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And then, you know, same thing, the workplace culture and the young professional advice from Peter YAHWAH. It’s the reason I’m brought him on board was because a lot of investors that listen to this podcast are, you know, older and they have kids. So I was trying to bridge the gap between, you know their kids, and at least I was trying to. And then last but not least, it’s self directed IRAs to invest your retirement funds. If you guys need a referral to like a QRP, solo 401k or self directed IRA, let me know. Um, you know, there’s a myriad of these guys. And everybody kind of uses the same few ones. For the most part, there’s really no real reason to kind of waste time betting stuff down from a list of 100 you know, stick start with this top three and just go from there as my opinion, some of the barriers that I’ve been working through so I came home and the State of Hawaii wants to quarantine me 14 days. So I think I’m on currently day four. I’m in high spirits. I have lots of fresh juices and pre made meals. My unfortunately my co2 tank that I make gobs and gobs of soda water, every day is is down. I might have to sneak out of the house and refill my co2 contain this slide I usually put what I bought, which are doodads things that you burn your cash on. But I don’t know about you guys, but this pandemic, I haven’t been buying too much stuff from Amazon. I don’t know, let me know if that’s the same thing with you guys. And some of the lessons learned. So I read this book, everything is F by Mark Madson. It’s a kind of a philosophical book, that he uses the F word a lot. And it’s kind of comedic In my opinion, if you like that type of stuff. He’s low on the word, raw and rebellious type, kind of the message of the book. It’s a book about hope, by the way, despite the name, everything is F. I think a lot of us realize like there’s a lot of media out there and it’s designed to kind of put you in a tailspin. span and keep you glued to the screen. And it’s a book that kind of keeps things in perspective. And ultimately, we’re all here to find the truth. Right. So we are doing another book club, I think on October 31 is the next one and we are reading what would the Rockefellers do? And you guys can sign up for that at simple passive cash flow calm slash lane hack. And what we do is we just hop on a call once a quarter and talk about the book and one last easter egg for you guys, if you guys want to download and I just revised the 2020 buy and hold analyzer for single family homes in Excel or Google Sheet format. You were the people the reason why people like it is like I put down all the expenses you should have for your rental property. And there’s some footnotes and some guidelines what it should be. So that’s a $1,553 value all for you for free. Just have to text simple to the word simple 2314 6651767 check out the other too much good stuff on the website and remember, this is just a infotainment podcasts. And we’ll appreciate you guys kind of supporting the show for this long and if you guys have any other questions shoot me an email at Lane at simple passive cash flow calm and if you haven’t gotten on the phone yet, let’s set up a call and let’s get to know each other better. And I will see you guys next time bye.

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