Managing offers

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As I continue to sell of my annoying turnkey rentals I can proudly say I am down to my final 4 of 11 rentals!

I normally list at 95-98% of market value to inspire multiple offers and entice those cash buyers who are a lot less of a headache – trouble is they don’t bite on over priced properties.

This property in Atlanta that I put over $35,000 of work into was finally put onto the market on Wednesday August 28th. We received a lot of traffic and the following offers the first day.

I posted it into our Hui Facebook group so others could learn

The listing came out mid last week. We had lots of showings. I told my agent to take best and final offers due Monday. The key here is to have your agent go to those who offered and whisper “$140k cash and its yours” We had some good offers but I got lucky and got an even higher cash offer!

Someone came in with $136,900 all cash!

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