Belize Mastermind & Visit to Chocolate Farms

June 25th to 28th

Join us in Belize for two full days of farm touring, masterminding, good company, and good times!

How do I get to Belize?

First off you will need a passport.
Fly to Belize and we will try to rally at Belize int airport.
Then we fly together to Punta Gorda.


Two days to tour farms, nursery, depot and chocolate factory, with some tourism and culture thrown in as well!
And if you want to check out the Coffee Farms in Panama… there are flights from Panama to Belize on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Fly in June 25th, tour runs 26th and 27th and we fly out the 28th.
We will likely stay in the same hotel and we will have plenty of time to hang out and ample wine!

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Sample Itinerary

And a lot of Chocolate samples!

Past Masterminds

More Info on Chocolate Farms

Here is a link to the Peini Cacao Farm Tour page
In the Resource section there are videos and photos you can use

Tourism to do:
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