Menu of Investing Options

"When did start calling stocks/mutual funds 'Traditional Investments' ...and started calling real estate 'Alternative Investing'?"

The “Bread and Butter” investments:

Lending & The Cons
Leveraged stock investing (E-Mail for details)

Exotic Investments:

Diamonds (Just joking)
Data Centers
Commercial real estate
Industrial real estate
Tax liens
Private mortgages
Flipping houses
Lease options on real estate
Storage units
Water rights
Fishing rights
Airspace rights
Mineral rights
Cell tower leases
Municipal liens
Film tax credits
Private company stock
Oil & gas LPs
Network marketing
Accounts receivable financing
Fixed annuities or equity indexed annuities
Publicly traded stock options
Options on stock
Preferred stock
Insurance structured settlements
Airplane leasing
Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium)
Clean energy tax credits
Futures / commodities speculation
Futures options
Peer-to-peer lending
Virtual currency or cryptocurrency
Municipal bonds
Infrastructure bonds
Infrastructure investments
Master limited partnerships (MLP)
Real estate investment trust (REIT)
REITS are like mutual funds. There are so many middlemen taking your money with hidden fees. It is like investing in real estate just as much as drinking high-fructose corn syrup “real” soda. -Lane Kawaoka
Private equity
Private placements
Intellectual property
Lottery structured settlements
Equipment leasing
Hedge funds
Housing tax credits
Pay day loans
Title loans
Parking lots
Distressed securities
Variable annuities
Small business lending
Classic antique cars
Business development companies (BDC)
Insurance settlements
Structured products

Not Passive or Sustainable:

Short Term Rentals

Not Direct (Middlemen involved):

Crowdfunding Websites like Equity Multiple


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