#Mindset – Getting through the everyday grind


Reminded me a lot about what people going through their daily life on a weekly basis, kind of getting knocked down. So this workout, pretty easy three rounds of 40 single dumbbell step back lunges. So pretty simple with a dumbbell in your hand 30 single dumbbell I did them as snatches, and then 24 beats three rounds, but here’s the big kicker and this was the game changer this little. Okay. On the minute, you have to do 20 double unders which is do a jump rope two times. So every 660 seconds before you get working on what you would like to do, and this is ultimately how you score in this workout. You have to get this thing done. Every single minute on the top of the minute for anybody who’s ever done double honors, I mean, if you can get them done pretty smoothly without messing up. Don’t take About like 20 seconds, 25 seconds. But the time cap on this workout was 25 minutes. And I didn’t even get past the second round. But I guess what it reminded me about and what I was kind of thinking about. You know, for a lot of folks that have a day job and even entrepreneurs, you have the the mundane stuff that you have to do every day, which is very similar to this on every minute on the minute 20 though on there, so you have to get that done. And it can be overwhelming that you really never get to the important stuff, the stuff that moves the needle for you. And it can be very mentally draining and on motivating. I mean, in this workout alone, I mean, there are a couple times that I just just like Screw it, I’m not doing anything. I’m just gonna rest up to do the start the next minute on the minute with 20 double unders and then attack this. So I totally get it and the sad thing is that this is how a lot of people are in their daily life. A lot of people with mobility An investor accelerator are busy. W two workers. They’re bringing in 100 200 $300,000 a year their day job, but they got to work 60 7080 hours a week. And then on top of family stuff on top of that. And that’s what I kind of see as the on every minute on the minute as a 20, double unders, they’d like to get to this. But every day they have to do that. And some days are just debilitating that this is all they can get done. And a couple strategies that came to mind number one, sometimes maybe, maybe you just have to blitz get through this. But really Blitz through this because this is really what’s going to move the needle. This is the the researching on talk, getting on the phone and talking to somebody about buying that first rental property or that property manager or just sitting down for 30 minutes to an hour after everybody’s gone to sleep. Or maybe you do it in the beginning of the day. A lot of people do the five, six o’clock wake up routine, and they knock out whatever they need to do before. They go to their day job. Another thing that came to mind is you know, just get through the the 20 double unders or your day job or whatever you need to get done. Or for me, it’s just the normal emails, just get through it as best as you can. You don’t need to race through it in 15 seconds and zip through it, just get through it. conserve your energy to what really matters. And for those of you guys up to the challenge, we are doing, Murph 100 push ups 200 100 pull ups 200 push ups 300 air squats and then a couple miles of running and you can also do it here on mode with a 20 pound weight vest but it’s just a we’re doing that for Memorial Day so if you guys are interested let me know shoot me Matt lane at simple passive cash flow calm and I’m just kind of a different mindset twist on you know a lot of this past investing so shouldn’t take more than two, me two to five hours a month. And if you are you’re doing it wrong. But even those two to four or five hours a month can be sort of like getting this done. Because you have that day to day you have to get done.


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