Lane’s Story – How an Engineer Achieved Escape Velocity

We work with hard working professionals looking to opt out of investments for the clueless. I mean mainstream investing, we work with people, we have a direct relationship while enjoying higher returns and a quicker path to financial freedom. I personally move my endorsement from turnkey rentals to syndications as my network has grown, however, the downside of many of these deals is that you need at least $50,000 to invest and the frequency of deals that meet my criteria is sporadic. Check out my article about passive cash flow calm slash fund and learn how I always have cash on hand by using the American Home preservation fund as part of this one two punch to be ready for a great deal while still making a double digit return. I’ve been investing in HP since 2016. HP is a crowdfunding solution to the mortgage crisis in America. We’re collectively the fund and investors like you pull their money together and get great bulk discounts and distressed mortgages. It’s a business model that I think gets stronger Should a bump in the economy come because this is where there will be even more distressed inventory for HP to purchase. The American Home preservation fund aims to keep people in their homes so you can make a 10% return while making a positive social impact. Invest in as low as $100 by going to HP slash investors. And if you want the Free Bird zone book and learn about George Newberry story, please send me an email at Lane at simple passive, casual calm. This is a story about a dude named Lane he moved to the mainland and bought one place to stay. And then one day he went try to rent them out. And then he became one real investor May. Hello simple passive cash flow listeners. This is Episode 200. Now we’re not gonna have another drunken episode like Episode 100. But I still wanted to get you guys to know me a little bit better if you’ve been new to the podcast or listening from the start. Since I started this podcast in 2016, in the last a year and a half or so, our hooey deal pipeline club which if you want to join us go to simple passive cash flow calm slash club has raised over $30 million to go and acquire over a quarter billion dollars of real estate. We are currently in way over 3500 units. And we’ll see what we keep doing in the future. I think we’ll still pick up deals at cash flow and I think we’re pretty good and in the face of recession, to join us and join also our networking to go to simple passive cash flow calm slash club, and something I’m even more proud of is creating our community. A lot of us got together back in February what I call it the hooey three multi day I think it was three or four days of masterminding in Hawaii and we’ll probably do the same thing in 2021 probably Martin Luther King weekend. If you guys want to check out the highlight video To simple passive cash flow, calm slash hooey three and check that out, and I’m here I go read in my chapter. This is audible, the engineer who escaped the rat race and achieve escape velocity by Lane Kawaoka.

I walked the linear path for much of my life. raised as part of disappearing middle class program me to study hard in school, checking the boxes on extracurricular activities, cramming for the CTS and getting a high GPA to get into college, or to live a practical life. Growing up, we were told to waste nothing and turn off the lights every time you leave a room. I still feel guilty to order a soft drink at a restaurant as opposed to tap water. In college, while all their courts were playing frisbee in the quad, I was stuck in the basement of the industrial engineering lab. What why was I not playing in the sun because Google told mean, what the highest paid undergraduate professions were driving on autopilot for much of my early 20s. I went for a higher level master’s degree and tested to become professionally licensed as an engineer for the job security. Upon entering corporate America, I spent my first five years of my career working for a for profit private company as a construction supervisor, managing a bunch of entitled journeyman who were older than my parents. Facing the rigors of junior level employment. I played my role as a young guy traveling 100% of the time for my company, sacrificing quality of life as I navigated the operational clusters, toxic management and other backstabbing pawns in the company. I have a lot of scar tissue from the decade of working for the man, not to mention building someone else’s dream. You tell me how engaged you would be if meeting poke protocol was to sit next to your supervisor. And not speak unless directively instructed to or if you were asked to address a director to levels up by Mr. or Mrs. title. One day an internal company email went out notifying of a friend slash ex direct report who had died in a work accident. My boss was uncompassionate about the situation looking out for the big bad machine first, mostly his annual bonus and agenda. This really put things into perspective for me. As a corporate Road Warrior, it was novel being on a company expenses all the time and maxing out on airline and hotel points. But you can only have steak and lobster so many times. The only people who cared about my platinum status. Were the other suckers in first class who are working for the paycheck or it and acceptable quarterly review. Although I’m grateful that I had a well paid job post 2008 recession treated the most important resource time for money, the linear path and still delayed gratification, living below my means and an overall scarcity mentality of saving money instead of earning more, being more, I was in trance by the face of Wall Street marketing to blindly put money into a company sponsored 401k plan only to hope and pray that compound interest would carry me to a secure retirement. Let’s not even talk about the student loans I have. I knew where this path was going. I mean, I did the math, and it told me so this is my story of how I freed myself financially, how I took ownership of my life direction, and the series of events that allowed me to find my calling. Seeing the economic matrix, a steady diet of ramen noodles and a free birthday latte per year, made it possible in 2009 to purchase my own home too. Live in being a bachelor who has only home on the weekends, I realized that having this large home was a waste of money. I made the decision to rent it out and become a real real estate investor. You might be thinking that this was the big change. But at the time, it was simply a lot of beer money after collecting the rents and paying the mortgage. I don’t know if it was the beer or being loved drunk with cash flow, but I opted out of the linear path in my early 20s. From that point, I don’t know powered podcast books and other online forums on every keyword iteration of passive real estate investing, and a few hundred dollars a passive cash flow per home. The process was simple. Buy a rental property where the income exceeded the expenses in the mortgage, then rinse wash repeat. Like a space shuttle that accelerates through gravity and escapes the atmosphere in zero G. This was my way to financial freedom. Up to that point, the biggest breakthrough in my life. was discovering the mp3 format that compressed and played music digitally in my teens. Using this intellectual technology I progressed intentionally, to 11 rentals in 2016.

At that time, a few of my friends wondered why my ramen noodle dialog was being replaced by Starbucks coffee and yummy double bacon and egg breakfast sandwiches. They want a piece of the action to da It was about seven years later since the little red hen who did all the work by herself. As much as I liked helping people. I got tired of answering the same questions. So what does any other late Gen X millennial do but start a blog? Unfortunately, the words I write even if spelled correctly do not usually make proper statements in English. So I uploaded my simple passive casual podcast to iTunes where I could ramble and honestly talk about what I was going through as an investor. I began living markets consciously opting into more meaningful engagements with people and projects and searching for meaning and purpose. It was big. I was beginning to ask myself after sitting on the beach with my unlimited supply of pina coladas and time than what needless to say my motivation for working in a hostile work environment that I once tolerated dwindled, so I switched to work in the nonprofit public sector. I started to see the economic matrix where people essentially traded time for money and the rich let others build their dreams. being an introvert, I was paradoxically energized to see my audience grow. As I began in person meetings and online groups I sponsored. I provided hundreds of free coaching sessions to guide newbie investors. With my engineering background and a little bro science. I saw patterns arise in the stories from well paid professionals who were led into an unfulfilling life. On a line with their passions, abolitionists, Henry David Thoreau said, the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in and people do not have any time to look inwards and are consistently living with anxiety and self doubts because they are working like machines in order to meet their basic needs without the financial freedom to find their true passion. Why did so much hard work leads to financial scarcity and lack of fulfillment. This self searching group of hard working professionals searching for more, all had a common thread, a moment that pushed them over the edge and made them realize that the path they were on was unacceptable. These are some of the tipping points that I’ve gained from my many chats with investors. Seeing younger, less experienced workers get Red circled as future management and advance meant through the company Fast Track being fired to cover up shortcomings in a budget, internal theft by upper management and affair by a superior lead to bankruptcy of a startup company, affecting many innocent employees. Chronic drain of working with deadbeats getting lost in office politics of getting your objectives completed when they do not align with your boss’s objectives. A retirement party for co workers catered with crappy Chinese noodles due to the cost control when you don’t get the job because you don’t have enough gray hair when you don’t get the job because you have too much gray hair, being criticized for not being business devotee from those who live paycheck to paycheck themselves when you have a personal portfolio of a few hundred friends All units. That was me sending through LS meetings that should have been suffice with an email. circle jerk meetings where the boss’s dumb ideas are exalted by their minions. When your boss with no technical experience misuses terms like artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning and deep learning, being enslaved with the golden handcuffs, seen an ambulance come to the offense routinely during the layoffs season. Being around the negative w two work workers speak and adopting the prevailing victim mentality. The Road Warrior gets in early quit on Friday Friday morning to see the spouse at home with the poor boy watching your friends receive the Seiko stainless steel watch retirement

if you found a calling and something you’re good at and truly love doing good for you. Keep doing what you’re doing and consider yourself lucky. If you relate to any of the moments above read on the one idea. My online journal, my podcast resulted in the many emails of gratitude and acknowledgement because that was empowering people with the How to and inspiring them to take the leap of faith to change your financial life forever. I suspect that most effective part of my message was showing people that if me, a little awkward engineer could do it. How bad could it be? I started uploading my peer group and through osmosis This brought me to a Tony Robbins event I literally walked on burning coals. There were a multitude of top down and bottom techniques Tony Robbins spoke about during the intensive four day event. One of the lessons was things happen for a reason. And boy was I glad I did not leave to use the restroom when he outlined the six human needs. Number one growth to contract bution three significance for uncertainty, five, certainty and six love and connection. He was the game changing moment. Tony Robbins said the most important thing is contribution because the secret to living is giving. If you catch on to that, you realize that there’s nothing you can get that comes close to what you can give. Life is calling all of us to be more than just about ourselves. And that is when we get that spiritual hit. Apparently Mr. Robbins did not endorse the mission of sitting on the beach with unlimited supply of pina coladas and taking food porn pictures, while gallivanting the world as a tourist, like many of these other financial independent guys out there, nor did he support playing it safe with a bunch of passive investments. Later that Easter, I was baptized and the message was to go forth and help others. Then another of my mentors realized They legend Robert Helms said, when you are successful, you have an obligation to send the elevator back down.

I made it to my penthouse, and now

this elevator, I’m going to send back down to help other folks. We all have a finite time on Earth, an empty canvas to create a legacy. This is one my shot. opting out of the linear path was not about getting financially free and safe sailing off into the sunset, but it was about standing up for change and creating the greatest impact. The fan mail all followed a common thread of pain, many hard working professionals who are busting their butt on the linear path, or being misled down a comfortable life of unfulfillment. Many of them are enslaved by the golden handcuffs, running in the hamster wheel of the day job working for somebody else. Some like doctors, lawyers dentists, accountants and engineers make more money to get the big house and nice car. But in the end, they are just a bigger hamster. dogma of Wall Street. Buy and pray method is a cover up to insidiously steal investment returns from people who are doing all the work. Life is a three phase screwjob. Phase One, you enter the workforce with the worst jobs and the lowest pay. Time is abundant. Phase Two, when marriage and kids enter the picture, and alien grandparents too. This is the time when one should be excelling at their time consuming career. Money is abundant. Phase Three your teenage kids hate your guts and your health starts to fail. Time is abundant. The next chapter My mission is to teach empower good people to realize the powerful wealth building effects of real estate So they can spend their time on more important ventures and passions instead of working long hours and worrying about their financial troubles. In real estate, we use leverage and by teaching others, I’m leveraging other people to achieve their financial goals in hopes that they will to send the elevator back down for the next person. Simple passive cash flow calm seeks to educate those looking for diversification, and better returns outside the traditional investments such as mutual funds and stocks. This is part of a large effort to redirect billions of dollars going to the corrupt Wall Street rollercoaster, and help the shrinking middle class find safer and more profitable investments in projects that benefit Main Street, such as affordable workforce housing rather than luxury housing for the rich. The true meaning of wealth is having the freedom to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want. Building cash flow via real estate is the simple part. The difficult part occurs after you are financially free to find your calling and fulfillment. But that’s a great problem to have. And if you guys haven’t yet please book a call with me I’d like to get to know all my investors personally and if you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while we’ve never connected shoot me an email at Lane at simple passive cash flow and I’d like to hear from you.

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