New X1 Credit Card – Should You Get It?

What’s up guys, I’m on to do a quick pre review of this new credit card, I found the x one credit card, which the reason why it’s kind of exciting is because it’s made out of steel. And it gives us 4% cashback or points, which is pretty high for your general credit card. Normally the highest for just a general category is about 2%. Of course, there’s a lot of them out there that it will give you five or 4%. But that’s only on one category. I kind of like to simplify my life. And when I spend money on like my car insurance or large purchases that don’t really fit a grocery category, or like Office of my category, I want to be using these general cards. But yeah, let me show you this screen here. And we will walk through it. 

So here’s the website, it’s at And it’s gonna check out the link below. But right now they’re doing it as a waitlist right now. So this thing hasn’t been launched. As you can see, it’s 17 grams of sheer stainless steel, what else could you want, if there was a annual fee, I wouldn’t be looking at this, you know, I try to stay away from any annual fees on anything, it’s To me, it’s just not worth it. It was even $1 20 bucks. But yeah, it’s your annual fee, it’s worth a shot, we’ve seen that there’s some higher limits here. I think the cool thing is like they’re, I mean, it’s pretty much as offering higher rewards 4%. And they’re doing this based on a word of mouth. And, to me, that’s how they’re able to insert paying out referrals, or all these affiliate commissions, which is very common in the credit card industry, they’re able to give it back to the customers and it comes in a cool box. But kind of did a quick, cursory review over this. And, you know, gonna be a roll out some high notes here. So it’s not released yet. And the nice thing is there’s no foreign transaction fees. 

But to kind of go over the pros here, you know, virtual card numbers. So you can those guys can like to sign you up your stripe accounts or the subscription services. Or you can give them the big middle finger and you can change the virtual number at will based on probably an app or online for those you guys who are stuck in those gym memberships. I don’t know if it’s part of your subscription. But you know, it’s a way to fight back against that. Supposedly, there’s some hot, flexible, higher credit limits with this. And I don’t know how much more higher but see how that comes through. No annual fees, like I said, no foreign transaction fees, which is a big thing, then, of course the Forex risk rewards and to get that forex level Did you need to be able to refer a buddy to get that. If not, it goes down to three extra words, which I think is still pretty decent for general credit card you to be able to get that you need to hit $15,000 A spend per year for a lot of us in a simple passive cash flow nation that’s really not that far from us, fortunately, and if you don’t hit the $15,000 threshold, you hit you get to two X on air rewards there. 

So here are the cons hot one. And I was kind of looking at this wasn’t really seen as like cash back it was more seen as like points. And I’m always like a little wary of points because points kind of go through like a Pachinko machine, kind of a set where you get these points, you got to get these gift cards and the gift cards are are kind of a pain to deal with. But we’ll see they say you know, just looking at the website here, we gain points that brands you love, you can use points to pay off your stuff. So it seems like it’s not going to be too difficult to use those points. And I think the biggest issue with this card is this is this card even going to happen there was a card earlier that was called the zero card that I think they finally stuck a fork in it earlier this year. And that is didn’t get enough traction. My understanding and they I don’t know zero card was the car but there was another card that those of you guys have seen them the documentary where they had the the fire festival that never happened. That guy also another one of his scam projects was one of these kind of cool credit cards. It was more of like a black, super high end credit card. And this cards more made for everybody. 

But you know, in conclusion, I’m going to try it out. I’ll put the link in the webpage so you guys can help me get it quicker. That’s how you guys if I can get it, how it’s going. But you know, it may be not much better than my 2% double cash, Citi double cash card which I think everybody should have. I also do the Swiss Army Knife method where I have multiple cards that give me four to 5% in specific categories like I have an American Express blue for groceries at 6%. I have like another American Express simply cash I don’t think they have that card anymore. I think it’s something else these days but that gives me 5% of that office. And I have another one that you know gives me higher executive saver card or something gives me three or 4% at restaurants. The Costco wants pretty good too. I think now it’d be 3% at restaurants there and then travel through percent travel, but I’m going to give it a try. 

And if you guys are into this type of stuff, maybe not the best return on your time but I find it very fun. Also trial tradeline hacking where you can put an authorized users onto your credit card I mean, I made about 10 grand in 2019 I’ll probably make just as much in 2020 go to To learn more about that we have the full e course there. And if you guys want to learn more about this go to info page I have built on this card at that’s /x1card you guys try this out. Let me know i’ll be posting into on that website. If I actually get the card and start playing around with it.

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