Podcast #11 – BiggerPockets Forums Warning

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Let me first say that what I do is nothing special. I know who to work with and have real relationships (heck I consider friendships) with people on my team but for the most part there is nothing special about me.

That brings up the *Time-Money-Experience* triangle. I know that there are a lot more experienced folks who have the ability to find 2-3% rent to value deals and do magical things. Again I have a full-time job that I make a good salary and I enjoy going to for the most part (I get free coffee there).

BiggerPockets is a great resource tool, however there is a nuance on the forums that I call the #BPBP Syndrome (the BiggerPockets Bi-Polar Syndrome). What I mean is that the vocal folks on the forums are very active saying and they can do much better deals. Real Estate is their job and they are damn good at it. I am a passive investor who has limited time to source screaming deals and just needs to place my money and quit screwing around on the sidelines. I believe folks like myself who are passive investors like myself are actually the (quiet) majority of folks on BiggerPockets.

#BPBP Syndrome

What active and passive investors can all agree is that real estate is the best investment vehicle out there.  What I love about it is that even when I buy these “lukewarm” deals I still reach my goals (4x) faster than the stock market.

#BPBP Syndrome

Here is what got me fired up so much.



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