Podcast Guest Policy

Thank you for your interest in being a guest on the Simple Passive Cashflow Podcast!
We are excited about the possibility of you being a guest. You have a powerful message and we would love the opportunity to help you spread your message.
Here are the steps to becoming a guest:
Please listen to a few episodes of the Simple Passive Cashflow Podcast. This is not another “Real-Estate Groupie podcast.”
In the subject line include the words “Nikki – Podcast Guest Application”… to [email protected] Please send the following:
  1. Explain why you want to be a guest on the podcast.
  2. Is the main purpose of your desire to appear on the podcast to promote a book, blog, website, affiliate relationships, or business? If so, please describe the book, blog, website, affiliate relationships, or business (include links please.) Also, explain why it would be better to have you as a guest on the podcast rather than the sponsor of the podcast.
  3. Have you appeared on any other podcasts? If so, please provide a link.
  4. How do you plan to promote the podcast? What kind of reach do you have on your blog, podcast, or social media channels? Screenshots encouraged.
  5. Most importantly, how would our listeners benefit from having you on the podcast?
  6. Do you have a presence in these social media avenues? (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) If so, please include your username so we can add you.
  7. Leave a review. A win-win for the both of us. This will increase listeners to the show and more exposure for you when your show goes live. Please screenshot your review and submit to: [email protected]

If you’ve answered all of these questions, Nikki will get back to you within a few weeks to let you know if you’ve been approved (or not) and if so to schedule a recording date.. The podcasts generally run within 2-8 month of recording.

We generally have about a few months backlogged of podcast content and very selective on what content goes out to our audience of high net worth professionals.

Mahalo for your understanding.

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