We were raised with solid work ethics. Go to school, study hard, get good jobs, and work your butt off at that jobs for 40-50 years 🙁

This work ethic translated to our school work and our careers.

We did well in high school, studied hard for our SATs, got into our university of choice, got those nice Magna Cum Laude ribbons around our gowns at graduation, and many of us even went on to grad school and became successful dentistslawyers, doctors and other professionals.

Many of you make over 100-300k at your day job.

What would it fell like to have the freedom to take off on vacation when you wanted and to attend every event for your child or grandchild?

And to have the freedom to spend more time with your children during the workday, the freedom from the constant work-related notifications on your phone, the freedom to contribute to worthy causes?

The problem with achieving the type of wealth that would grant us the type of complete freedom we all crave is that many of us buy into the belief that unless we work our fingers to the bone, we’ll never be truly successful.

We buy into the myth that income equals wealth.

That’s why we’re the first one into work and the last one out. We equate a high salary and recognition with wealth. What we’re missing is freedom.

The truth is, a high income may make you feel rich, but it does not make you wealthy. The truly wealthy have achieved true financial freedom – time freedom.

Their money works for them instead of the other way around. Trading time for money, no matter how high your salary, will always be limited to the hours in the day and be limited to your ability to work.

What happens to the surgeon who injures his hands in an accident or the lawyer who loses his sight? It’s game over.

Just because you have a big house and fancy cars doesn’t make you wealthy. You only appear wealthy.

The wealthy have something more valuable than a big house or fancy cars – they have time. While wage earners trade time for money, the wealthy have cashed in their money for time.

True wealth is having assets that generate income beyond your needs. It’s having your money work for you while you sleep. It’s not a big paycheck that barely pays the bills.

Unless you take some of those big paychecks and set aside some capital for passive investments, you’ll always be trading time for money.

Alternative investments that generate passive income – especially ones backed by tangible assets – offer multiple financial benefits that accelerate the wealth-building process – the type that will last generations.

Passive income not only allows for compounding but because it’s taxed at lower rates, this multiplies the compounding effect. You can’t do that by sticking your savings in a savings account, CD, or money market account.

It’s a fact that high wage earners can live paycheck-to-paycheck. Fancy homes, cars, and toys are unproductive assets. They may appreciate over time, but they don’t offer the one thing needed for building wealth, and that’s a consistent income stream.

Productive assets like income-generating alternative assets are what you need to achieve true financial freedom.

True wealth and financial independence won’t be achieved by punching a clock. It will take breaking away from the myth that hard work equals success.

High-income earners may have a lot of fancy things, but what many are missing is freedom. Freedom equals wealth. Time equals wealth.

High earners do not have the freedom to do what they want when they want, and for however long they want. They have to keep working.

So why are some people tied to their work, but some have that coveted freedom we’ve been talking about?

How can a teacher who makes a fifth of what a doctor makes, end up wealthy while the doctor perpetually lives paycheck-to-paycheck? The teacher has learned to buy back her time through passive investments – investments that work for her whether she’s awake or asleep.

And the best way to gain this freedom and is to buy back your time through passive investments. That’s why the wealthy have multiple sources of income, all working towards the same goal.

The savviest investors use their earned income to generate passive income first. Then it gets reinvested with the singular purpose of amassing multigenerational wealth and achieving freedom from the time constraints of a job or business.
Investing for freedom today.

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The One Thing That Changed Everything: The Engineer Who Escaped the Rat Race and Achieved Escape Velocity

I walked the linear path for much of my life. Raised as part of the disappearing “middle-class” programmed me to study hard in school, checking the boxes on extracurricular activities, cramming for the SATs, and getting a high GPA to get into college, all to live a “practical” life.

Growing up, we were told to “waste nothing” and turn off the lights every time you leave a room. I still feel guilty to order a soft drink at a restaurant as opposed to tap water.

In college, while other cohorts were playing Frisbee in the quad, I was stuck in the basement of the industrial engineering lab. Why was I not playing the sun? Because Google told me what the highest paid undergraduate professions were. Driving on autopilot for much of my early twenties, I went for a higher-level master’s degree and tested to become professionally licensed as an engineer for the job security.

Upon entering corporate America, I spent my first five years of my career working for a for-profit, private company as a construction supervisor managing a bunch of entitled journeymen who were older than my parents. Facing the rigors of junior level employment, I played my role as the young guy, traveling 100% of the time for my company, sacrificing quality of life, as I navigated the operational clusters, toxic management, and other backstabbing pawns in the company.

I have a lot of scar tissue from that decade of working for the man not to mention building someone else’s dream. You tell me how engaged you would be if meeting protocol was to sit next to your superior and not speak unless directly instructed to or if you were asked to address a director two levels up by mister or misses!

One day an internal company email went out notifying of a friend/ex-direct report had died in a work accident. My boss was uncompassionate about the situation, looking out for the big bad machine first (mostly his annual bonus and agenda). This really put things into perspective for me.


As a corporate road warrior, it was novel being on company expenses all the time and maxing out on airline and hotel points, but you can only have steak and lobster so many times…. The only people who cared about my platinum status were the other suckers in first class who were working for the paycheck or an acceptable quarterly review. Although I am grateful that I had a well-paying job post-2008 recession, I traded the most important resource, time, for money.

The linear path instilled delayed gratification, living below my means, and an overall scarcity mentality of saving money instead of earning more, being more. I was entranced by the pervasive Wall Street marketing to blindly put money into a company sponsored 401K plan only to “hope and pray” that compound interest would carry me to a secure retirement.

Let’s not even talk about the student loans I had…

I knew where this path was going…I mean I did the math and it told me so. This is my story of how I freed myself financially, how I took ownership of my life’s direction, and the series of events that allowed me to find my calling.

Seeing the (Economic) Matrix….

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