Quick & Easy 10k in 2019 With This Wealth Hack


This is a nice way to make 10 grand on the side, the way it works is authorized user goes on your account for a couple of months, and then you take them off. And most cards you can have two authorized user per card. So if you do the math, it’s like one every month one of these things every month on average, to add and take off an authorized user takes about five minutes. So let’s just say you had a car that was 15 grand credit limit, and it was got a back in the day, 10 years plus and the broker is telling you, we’re going to give you 200 bucks every time an authorized user signs up after the two billing cycles typically go around. So the broker will tell you, hey, add this person on this account. Here’s other social security birthdate address name, you add them on your account. A lot of times this can be done through your credit card portal. And then in a couple months, you get an email from the broker saying hey, everything’s all good. You can remove them now But yeah, I made 10 grand doing this in my 2019 year, go to SimplePassiveCashflow.com/tradelines and check out the E course which is on sale right now.

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