Rent Increase in Real Estate

This is a report from Zumper boarding that rent creases are on the rise. If you haven’t noticed. I think the last couple months we’ve been reporting on it, but it’s been consistent since about the turn of the new year, January. And some of these they’re even reporting three, four or 5% or higher just in this one report.

I’m reading more into the article, two bedrooms, apartments rose 4.8% year of year. With a 3% increase in one bedroom bay area rents have flattened with San Francisco open and San Jose one bedrooms are all gaining compared to April. National rents are accelerated, driven by growth in cities like New York.

And I think this is the bounce back of the big urban areas, which got actually got hugely flatten, independent gear because of the, people wanting to move away from the highly dense areas. Milwaukee grew a lot 8.9% year over year. Drop 5.2% month over month. And that’s just to be expected when you have those big fluctuations.

Think of it like the volatility of like alter altcoins pops up dives down, Glendale, Arizona, one of the top growing nutshell area with 15.7% year over year increase. And Phoenix within 9.1% jump question here on Austin is like Boise. I’m not a huge fan of them. I think Austin is really overheated it doesn’t cashflow there, so I’m not interested, but I’m sure rent increases are up there too.

I might be able to pick it out here. Oh yeah. Austin. Number four here, Austin in Baltimore made 5.1% month over month gains, but Austin remains down by 0.8% year over year. There’s your answer to your question?

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